Beyond the threshold also suspended to Sunday: the final installment in the late night, decision embarrassing


Published on Dec 11, 2019


That Italy is not a country is ready for a fiction in which we talk about sensitive topics such as mental illness, it is enough to note, and this is also shown in the ratings, really bad that is Beyond the threshold has received. And it is also what note the little respect that Mediaset has for his audience. Because it is not the first time that a fiction is abandoned, mistreated, or moved in the second part of the evening. And it happens, unfortunately, even with the Over the threshold. The fiction, with Gabriella Pession actor, was first moved to Sunday night, leaving on Wednesday because of listening to low, after the fifth episode aired Sunday, here is change again. The last two episodes of "Beyond the threshold" will in fact air on December 17, 2019 in the second part of the evening. You will understand well that the public will prefer to see the series in streaming when will it be available on Mediaset Play.

But what have been the problems of this fiction, because it's never taken off?

Let's start with the problem that ALL of the fiction and also the programs of Channel 5 ( and the Rai is taking the same road, we hope to change as soon as possible). Beyond the threshold is broadcasted from 21,45 in the first episodes, a time embarrassing, and although Sunday began at 21,20 the damage had been already done, coming to the fifth episode. It follows that the fiction hard until about midnight, which would be unthinkable for a product, however, very delicate.

Yes, the public can be a problem. If the hard core is the one that loves trash, what they are looking for a type of the program, the one that exalts only for fiction as Rosy Abate, then there is such a huge problem. And if Mediaset was looking for a change, maybe too late after years of Secrecy, and A life in the early evening, it is clear that the experiment has truly failed.

The fiction could really have a purpose, even pedagogical. Could be an example, could be a model. It could be of help to the families, or maybe to guys that suffer from certain problems. And lo and behold, instead you change the channel in front of a history strong, too strong for a first evening. Because of the mental illness, we have to admit that, in Italy, are a taboo.

A real shame that this fiction is made by actors with great experience and the actors are very young but have great talent, have not found the right place. Repeat until exhaustion, which if it were to be aired in Rai would have done well others listen to it, but now we say it often, when on Channel 5 come level products as they have been Over the threshold, and The Process.

There is no trust, in another part of the audience for which Channel 5 is a kind of Satan. The public escapes, because it already has labeled the channel as something trashy, like a channel that, unlike the Rai, it will never give you anything good. And’ the triumph of prejudice.

We, however, advice we give: rivedetevi this fiction in streaming, and you'll really appreciate all the great qualities including an amazing interpretation of Gabriella Pession that the role of Tosca, the chief of the department of psychiatry.

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