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Published on Feb 27, 2020


1/7Marie Caillou, Images from asia, Franco Cosimo Panini2/7Marie Caillou, Images from asia, Franco Cosimo Panini3/7Marie Caillou, Images from asia, Franco Cosimo Panini4/7Martin Perrin, here and there, in the America of the Indians, Franco Cosimo Panini5/7Martin Perrin, here and there, in the America of the Indians, Franco Cosimo Panini6/7Martin Perrin, here and there, in the America of the Indians, Franco Cosimo Panini7/7Martin Perrin, here and there, in the America of the Indians, Franco Cosimo Panini

In these days, at least here in Lombardia, heats the Corona virus that wants us all to be in the house, fearful of others, and also unjustifiably hostile towards everything that is beyond the confines of our “comfort zone”, I believe that it is important to recover a curious look towards other cultures.

Franco Cosimo Panini in these days, there have appeared two books that are just for our! Marie Caillou signature two leporelli snapshots from Asia and Africa: a sequence of snapshots colored, capture and immortalize a few typical elements, places, and customs of Countries far away, offering just the name. Images from Asia, in particular, presents some images of the chinese culture, the Korean, the Mongolian and the japanese: from the "koinobori", to "be caught" by the "shoes Hye" to the "yurt", from "panda" to "a cage for crickets". Animals, places, clothes, games, musical instruments... some of the known elements that are part of our everyday life or otherwise of our knowledge, such as porcelain, is intertwined with the names represented in unusual ways and unexpected – look at that jewelry! – words and illustrations and completely unknown.

The leporello unfolds, you leave contemplate and let the observers incuriosiscano: the illustrations very fine and detailed backgrounds, colorful dishes, a springboard for falling in love with the richness of faraway cultures.

Here – beyond Martine Perrin, is a series devoted to other cultures, but with a more traditional approach: a hardcover book that plays with the punches and presents the animals and people who live in places far away.

"Rattlesnake, who disturbs your peace? This Indian, which affects the cactus to quench the thirst".

"Runaway horse, where is your knight? Searches away those black clouds".

The text in rhyme alternates between animal die-cuts and pages from the pattern, almost psychedelic, to scenes of daily life, where animal and human figure dialogue in a scene consistent.

The volume on the Indians of America meet bears, bison, coyotes, eagles, but also the indian who cast skins, hunters and fishermen and intrepid.

The style is flat and, at times, geometric, but recognizable and clear, the text is rhythmic and enjoyable and the children are dragged into a story that is an adventure in another world!

Two unusual proposals, and curious, that may be proposed by the 2 years, but that – in the case of the leporello can arouse curiosity and intrigue even the big boys.

The discovery of the world has an incomparable charm!

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