Beyoncé, the move (politics) of the black panther

Published on Feb 10, 2016

Call it the black panther of pop (after Tina Turner and Grace Jones). She pays homage to the Black Panthers, the real ones, a woman and a feminist, in the year in which America is preparing to greet its first president of color, risking, according to many, that the question of racial, never resolved, bait from the political agenda.
For this Beyoncé is not like the others.
And for this the media close to the conservative, and the conservatives themselves, the fear, and feel now the need to minimize the episode of the Halftime Show of Super Bowl 50. Between a ‘but has anyone understood what he said’ (Fox News) and a ‘boredom’ (Trump) and a ‘is outrageous.... The Super Bowl is football, not Hollywood’ (R. Giuliani).

Beyoncé, with her dancers dressed like Black Panthers and choreography that contained their greeting and an explicit homage to Malcolm X, as well as the video of the song led to the biggest sporting event in the mainstream of America, Formation, in which he sings lying on a police car and the words “stop shooting us”, brings home an undertaking which, to those things look at it from America, but from more distant, reminiscent of Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the Olympics in 1968.
A gesture that is a statement and speaks to surprise the world.
A gesture that responds is clear and concise also to the question #OscarsoWhite, the tip of the iceberg that sinks into the news from Ferguson to Baltimore, to San Francisco.

Beyonce alongside Jay Z and sola, as ‘accused’ of ‘sbiancarsi’, it is often committed in the first person. From the super donations (seven million dollars to the homeless of his native city) to the presence in the square (next to the movement Black Lives Matter, the unknown growth, that much fear all the candidates in the election year). It is no wonder if he has decided to communicate as well as he did by the larger stage and live that he had ever had.


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