Beware of false images Facebook: are viruses!

Published on Nov 30, 2016

The advent of social media has changed the life of many users, also because of the dissemination of technology that allows you to connect to the Internet, potentially from any place and at any time. This has resulted as a direct consequence of the landing-place to the great network is also on the part of the audience not exactly trained to use the Internet, the so-called “little experts” who only hang out on the networks and app social (first of all Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp), sharing and re-sharing links and content.

And it is precisely that type of audience to be more at risk of sustaining authentic scams, believe in hoaxes, spread unknowingly to their data and ruin without wanting to devices. The ways to deceive these people are many, but, thanks to a series of unfortunate side effects on some of the social mechanisms, which today is spreading, a phenomenon which already has more damage than shares: the false images and fake videos.

To understand what we're talking about, let's take a look at the WhatsApp message (just to mention an example) that I just sent:

A careful eye would think immediately, “this is going to screw me” being perfectly aware that you just have to tap on the photo to download it; a less-experienced user, instead, would think that it is necessary to click on the link to obtain it.

The situation worsens even more when it comes to Facebook: the problem of false images and fake videos) on Facebook is always topical. The dynamic is always the same: it induces the poor user to click on a link, believing him to display an image or a video exclusive. “Fabricate” something similar is really simple: you just need a photo apparently interesting, Paint, and a couple of minutes!

Although not a skilled graphics I have made a false image to Facebook, and a fake video in no time at all; both are shown in the gallery below.

Things are even easier if you use the pages and specific publishing tools: the image below shows a link to a page on “shortened” that I am going to make a fake video...

Preparation for the publication of a false video thanks to a special tool (and free!)

...and the public with peace of mind on our page Facebook!

The fake video posted on Facebook (which we did disappear a few moments later)

A most watchful eye can notice that, at the center, is specified with the real address which my video bogus tip ( but it is not absolutely obvious that all if they realize it; in addition, some managers of the pages and services rogue may use links that appear to be harmless or, even, have names similar to platforms you trust (for example, y0utube.c0m, panorana.en or other). Unfortunately, you just have to click on the fake play of the video (or the link to the kit in the image) to be diverted to the page to which it points.

So, now that we have explained the anatomy of a fake photo or a fake video Facebook and that we understand how easy it is to create one, let's go to the consequences: what can happen if you fall into the trap? There is no precise answer, but the consequences can be many:

...and much more. It all depends on the type of file or page that you visit: in some cases, we can be automatically diverted into the pages of the subscription, in other cases we can start the download of the file .exe, .msi or other on which we could click taken by curiosity (and ruin so PC, smartphone, or other).

Defend the a priori by the false images Facebook and the fake video is somewhat difficult, because on the news feed of your friends and pages if they see really all colors. We can, however, be careful not to fall victims of traps that are hiding with a few tweaks:

In short, once they are known, the false images of the Facebook and the fake videos are not so much a fear: just a little bit of good sense and a little more attention, to learn to ignore them and browse in peace!

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