Between Adriana Volpe and Denver looks fiery, Zequila blesses hormones, while the public is divided


Published on Feb 20, 2020


The airing of the day time of the Big Brother VIP 4 today has unleashed to fans of the reality that they had lost the moments of approach, because the test, including Andrea Denver, and Adriana Volpe. The beautiful model has made it clear to be fiance, despite having a great weakness for the Fox. Adriana does not need to say anything, being married and innamoratissima of her husband. In fact, however, that the images broadcast today, they have unleashed the fans of GF, as often happens in these cases, divide. There are those who think that between Adriana and Denver there is only a beautiful friendship, playing on the question of feeling, but there were also those who noted that some attitudes, however, are inconvenient for a married woman and mother of a little girl.

And if this is the perception you have at house, inside there is also those who note that maybe there is something more. To speak of this strange relationship is Antonio Zequila that can't help but notice how between the Fox and Denver there is a strange feeling, in the day time, he talked about hormones in turmoil. And to get caught up in issues hormonal are not only male but also female!

As mentioned previously, on the social is also the irony about this strange relationship that there is between Andrea Denver, running at high speed towards Adriana ( has maybe done some finger tip too much and some look too provocative, not-so-friendly). And that the authors have played on it is clear, given that they have selected just Adriana and Denver for the calendar to do together. The two certainly don't disappoint, but...

Adriana Volpe and Denver:#GFVIP

And there is also someone who is already cheering for this “new couple”:

“I'm sorry, because I do not like shippare married people. However, when I saw Adriana with her husband, two episodes ago, I did not sense an affinity exaggerated. And it grieves me to admit it, but Denver is crazy about her, and she seems to me to mask with the joke a real attraction. Beautiful #gfvip ” writes one fan of the reality show on Twitter.

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