“Better the dogs, the men...” Arisa in tears, the dramatic message of the singer

Published on Sep 17, 2018

Arisa is very active on social, which is why the fans always respond to his every post. Here's what happened recently to singer

Rosalba Pippa aka Arisa, she left everyone speechless with his recent words. Here's what the singer said.

The beautiful Arisa is an artist at 360 degrees, even if the young person has already experienced a lot in television. Yet, Rosalba Pippa, in recent times, little is known. The last post of the singer dates back to last April. She told me to does not want more fall in love with a note of pain and sadness.

After the end of the story with Joseph Anastasi, his long-time boyfriend, Arisa is much more ‘enigmatic’: the shots to intimate, that serve almost more as an excuse for those that are in the captions, very sad and talk about the dark period she is going through.

To My Passion, on Rai 3, the singer is left to philosophical discourses before addressing the issues more sintimi:

“Our destiny is already written. If you put yourself against life, win you. There is no moral, because it is not over yet, we need to see how it goes”.

For her, happiness is something that not enough: ”

If you are happy? Enough, and this is enough for me. I'm not a peak. Unlike what you can say about me, I like the regular life. I like a casino the discipline, in fact I had to do the military”

Arisa, on Giuseppe Anastasi, said:

“I lived with him a love of the exceptional. Sweet and bitter, difficult, but absolutely a picture drawn by God. After that the living story as well then just, addresses the love to different places. Love sometimes can be cannibal and I don't want to.”

Arisa now devotes himself body and soul to the music even if it is difficult to forget his ex it's thanks to him that were born some of the most beautiful songs of the artist. Arisa says:

He needed a voice, to me, of the songs. Well, that is bad, but we have made the good. Professionally is lighted, has a way of writing popular and otherworldly in some respects”.

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