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Published on Apr 27, 2017

Almost every SSD that you can buy today with a warranty but some are better than others. If you need to buy a SSD, surely you must be wondering, what is the best SSD of the moment, and this is why you are here. Well, we can help you find the answer!

Hard drives are without a shadow of a doubt one of the most important components in the PC seen the job they do: they are dedicated to the storage of concrete all the data, from the operating system to all of our personal data (photos, videos, files, music, and more).

While traditional hard drives ranging in capacities ever higher (in the order of Terabytes), a new technology has side-by-side in a few years in the market dedicated to the storage, a technology that can on the card to double (in many cases triple) the reading and writing abilities of the faster hard drive product: solid-state drives (identified with the acronym SSD).

A careful reading of our article we will understand the advantages of mounting a SSD to host your operating system and programs: low start up speed of your system, programs opening quickly and waiting times in the multitasking reduced to a minimum. So as to understand what is the best SSD? After the discussion on the theoretical part, let's see what are the best SSD on the market.

Hard Disk and SSD: the differenzeQuali are the differences between Hard Disk and SSD? We have gathered all the useful information in this of our depth.Hardwaredisco hard ssd hard drive

If you have a computer with a hard drive mechanic, is probably the slowest part of your system. Everything you do requires access to the data on the hard disk: the startup and shutdown of the system, the saving and the loading of the file, the start of a game or rendering a video it will be much faster on an SSD.

Unlike traditional hard drives, the SSD is much less prone to mechanical failures. In fact, they are better for the hard disk drives in almost every aspect. They use a lot less energy, give off less heat and do not vibrate. The SATA SSD are three or four times faster in read and write data; units PCI Express are up to seven times faster.

Much more importantly, SSDS are very fast, in the random access of the stored data. A hard disk mechanic must have to physically move a magnetic head to a specific point on the rotating disk to read the data, and this usually takes about 17 milliseconds on the units faster. An SSD has nothing to move but only moves electrons, it can do it in less than 0.1 ms.

The only sectors in which the hard drives are still over SSDS are price and capacity. The price gap however is narrowing, and at the same time people are keeping more and more data in the cloud and less on their computer.

Before buying, it is important to understand what type of SSD for your computer. At the moment, there are two different interfaces for data transfer (SATA and PCIe), two transfer protocols different mode (AHCI and NVMe), four different connectors physical (SATA, mSATA, M. 2, and PCIe) and four different form factors ( 2.5-inch SATA, mSATA, M. 2 and PCIe full-size).

Here's a quick breakdown of the terminology:

If you have a laptop computer, the advice is to visit the manufacturer's web site or use system tools to figure out what type of SSD it supports your device.

It depends on what you want to do with the PC, in theory any model should be fine. But if we have to choose carefully here are SSDS suitable for the most common needs among those presented above. For every SSD that we will propose below, there are cuts from:

Therefore, you can choose the product according to your personal needs.

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