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Published on Jan 27, 2018


Since the version of the remote operating system of Google, users have always appreciated the customization options and the ability to make the most of their device. In this case, we will analysis some of the best camera apps available on the Play Store that allow us to use the best sensor of our device in the field of photography.

The beauty of the Android world is that there is a remedy for any need: there is, therefore, a camera app better than the other, but each has its pros and cons, in addition to the fact that tastes are subjective, so more users can find it in a different way the same application.

This depends, in most cases, by the interface: a UI well-managed, simple and intuitive is usually well appreciated by all; in other cases, the mode in which are made the various adjustments affect the taste of the user.

Applications that today we are going to consider are:


Lightroom Camera is an application to capture photo in Lightroom CC, which allows us to capture images in RAW or JPEG, depending on the occasion and how we want to take the picture.
The interface is very simple, there is an “Automatic” mode and a “Professional” (we can change the mode in the bottom left, next to the shutter).

In the Automatic mode, the only adjustments are those related to the exposure; while in Professional mode, we can also control ISO, focus, white balance.

The application is addressed especially to those who prefers to shoot, edit and save your photos in a unique environment. Lightroom has a powerful RAW editor, by sharing a part of the potential with the desktop software, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Classic, etc
This editor is available, however, only if you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, otherwise we can use the trial period that lasts 30 days.


Interface for Adobe Lightroom Camera


Footej Room is, in my opinion, the application of photography the most complete and at the same time the most simple of all the competitors. The interface is very appealing, reflecting the canons of the Material Design of Google. Among the functions, not only do we have the acquisition in a Professional manner in photos, but we can also capture the video through manual adjustments.

In addition to taking in RAW, to check ISO, focus and white balance, there are some rarities, such as the acquisition “burst” of photos, with the ability to create animated gifs, slow motion video and capture in HDR.

The application does not have a segment of the public to contact, substantially meets the demands of any user. Combined, in fact, a RAW editor, we can collect fantastic shots.
There is a completely free version with some features blocked, and a paid that allows to better exploit the sensor of the smartphone.

Interface Footej Room

The Open Room is an application of photography completely free of charge, as the name suggests. It is not particularly beautiful in the graphics, the menus are very intricate, but it serves its job well and is constantly updated. For example, has the full support of the “Adaptive Icons, standard icons introduced by Google with Android Oreo (here the devices that will update to the new OS) .

What are its functions? Also here, the various adjustments, the ability to take photos in the series are not lacking. There is also a section for the video, along with photos share a special “auto-stabilization”, the effects of which are not particularly evident.

The application is definitely addressed to those who think that don't need to spend money to be able to afford a camera app, but also to those who love a constant support.

The interface of the Open Room

Camera FV-5 is a compromise between good graphical user interface and functions in the photograph. It is very easy to use, the settings are a little confusion, or, but, as always, we can adjust ISO, focus, white balance, and we can choose whether to shoot in RAW.

This application is the “focus part”, which helps us focus, but also the display of the histogram relative to the photos (both RGB and Luminance).
In addition to support Camera Api 2, present on all the previous ones, here there is also support for dual cameras, which are becoming more and more popular in the Android world.

The application is available for free in the “Lite” version, while the paid full version. For video recording, also, is required a secondary application, called Cinema FV-5, also in the free lite version and full paid.

The app is also addressed in this case who prefers to shoot or record in manual mode, having under control all the parameters.

Interface of Camera FV-5

We get a Manual Camera, the application of photography to the weight of just 300kb. The interface is very nice, looks like a real DSLR, we can adjust, as always, ISO, exposure, white balance, focus, but very useful, therefore, to the wheel next to the shutter, which allows us to make choices that much more precise.

What is striking about this application is that it presents innovative features as compared to competitors, there is also here the histogram and other goodies, but it is to be appreciated because it does its job very well, with processing times very low and an impact on performance almost irrelevant.

This app is addressed to everyone, snaps well, is very intuitive, the scroll wheel is a graphic, which helps a lot in the adjustments.

Interface Manual the Room

In conclusion, there is no application better than the other. “Be together not the same” is the motto of Android, that teaches us that not everything must necessarily be the same, and like I, on the other. In this case, it is up to the user to identify himself in one of these applications, on the basis of which is the most suited to their needs.




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