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Published on Mar 07, 2018

In how many of you have purchased a notebook for work or just to browse but they can not be comfortable while using it? This is due to the position of the keyboard, which, compared to that of a traditional PC remains flat, becoming little ergonomic. Have you ever thought of using a riser for the laptop to eliminate this annoying effect?

In the network, in fact, there are many accessories of this type, can transform your experience from terrible to acceptable. You have the same problem with the screen of the desktop PC? The monitor is always off-axis with respect to your workplace? Well, we will try to remedy this problem.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes of your time in reading this article on the best booster for your PC or laptop. We guarantee that your comfort and your back will thank you.

When you use a laptop or a desktop PC, many of you have reported not being able to find the correct working position. If your sessions are short and infrequent, the problem is reduced to a minimum. But if like us you use the PC for more hours per day, what will happen?

The first part of your body to lose it is the back. Do not maintain the correct posture for longer hours per day, in fact, creates damage that can be passed also on other moments of your life. For this reason it is recommended to use a notebook stand, or the screen of the PC.

How many of you actually recognize in the first of the two images? In reality, there are few people who manage to keep under control the right way to get sitting in front of a computer. Certainly, a good part of the credit in this case is also the chair, which must have the proper supports to maintain a healthy.

Very important, however, is also the location of the elbows and wrists with respect to the body and, consequently, the angle of the keyboard and the monitor. If you really can't maintain a position appropriate to the equipment that you already own, maybe it's time to think about buying a booster for your laptop or PC.

Don't worry though, most of this type of accessories are really cheap and will allow you to maintain a position much more comfortable without spending a lot. What we will do is to bring to your attention the best stand for notebook and monitor, which you can find on the network. It's up to you then to choose the one that is most adapted to your needs.

Are you a lover of the solutions minimal? You love the products that offer the highest yield with the least expense? This notebook stand then you will surely fall in love. Made of plastic with a finish-like carbon offers a great support for all of your work sessions.

Equipped with an adjustable tilt provides maximum comfort during typing. In addition, on the base, there are rubber inserts that ensure stability during use. Supports a PC with a maximum size of up to 18.4-inch.

Also Amazon has made its support for the laptop, and put it in the sales in the category basic of your marketplace. With a design that is really curious, it remains raised with respect to the base plane of approximately 15 cm.

It is also equipped with a handy organizer for cables that allows you to keep in order those of the mouse and the keyboard. Available in black or silver, it offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

Now it's time for a booster for laptop a little more elaborate and expensive than the previous solutions. This stand for notebook computer gives you the ability to be used comfortably seated in an armchair or on the sofa.

This advantage is due to two side extensions, fully adjustable to fit the use of the beloved. The aluminum frame also makes it very lightweight and suitable to be used anywhere.

If you have a laptop that is really powerful which is hard to dissipate all the heat that it produces, the only solution is to opt for a stand with built-in fans. This model, with integrated LEDS, fits perfectly for any use, from basic to extreme gaming.

It is a base for notebooks up to 17 inches with 4 fans from 125 mm to ensure air flow is always adequate. To work using one of the ports of the PC, at the same time, however, it offers 2 extra so not to ever leave you without USB free.

We purposely left for last the rise for a Notebook that offers the most comprehensive and functional. It is a small table, with a maximum height of 48 cm, can be used on any surface.

Made in aluminum, offers a small support for the mouse, so you can always work with the maximum comfort. If then one morning you wake up particularly lazy, you can always use it to make breakfast in bed.

In the same way, if you spend many hours in front of the PC fixed, it is likely that you need a booster for the screen, so as not to tilt the head and not to strain unnecessarily to the neck and shoulders.

This model, for example, is an excellent choice if you are looking for something good but inexpensive. With a height of 10 cm, manages to bring the display to the correct angle of vision. Made of wood, can bear a weight up to 15 Kg.

The made in Italy always gives high quality products, this now the you know. This model produced by Meliconi, in addition to being a great stand for the PC, gives the possibility to orient the screen, turning 360°.

In this way, in addition to be able to use it with the PC fixed, you can exploit with your Smart TV. The space below the screen also allows you to use this compartment to place a soundbar or small stereo speakers.

Often the simplest solutions are also the most functional. It is a clear example of this stand for the monitor made by Amazon. With a minimal design, certainly not too elegant, however, he performing his duty.

Its strengths are the robustness and the possibility to choose the height at which to fix the monitor. With 15 cm of excursion you can in fact put under to rise for PC keyboard and mouse, or a small audio system.

A good design often makes it easier to work for hours in front of a screen and in this case we have a product that is truly worthy of note. With a glass shelf and the supports in aluminium, it is ideal to be paired with a Mac.

Fear not, however, its use is also perfect with a Windows PC. The height of the floor compared to the table is 32 CM, excellent for those with a work desk a little too low and needs to rise for PC substantial.

Now that you have seen how to improve your position in front of the screen of your PC or notebook, perhaps it is time to make a small step and discover some accessories that can further enhance the use of your computer.

Seen? Improve the ergonomics of your workstation PC is not at all difficult if you rely on the best extensions for your laptop or computer. With a minimum expense you will earn in health and tranquility, precious goods in this historic period is so hectic, where productivity is at the top of the pyramid work.


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