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Published on May 22, 2018


Read in the mobility is undoubtedly comfortable, keeps us company in the dead times of our lives, as the file, the expectations, and travel by public transport. It is, therefore, continuous growth in the number of those who use their Android devices to read, perhaps using a tablet for reading. To meet their needs on the Play Store are excellent app for reading ebooks and some great apps to buy or download for free books.

In this study we will talk only about of apps that let you read and download books free from rights. They are free from the rights to the Italian law, the texts of which are passed more than 70 years from the date of publication. In the past we have already shown you the sites to download books, and eBook and recommend you give a read to our article if you haven't yet done.

All of the apps listed offer free books but that are covered by DRM, then often it will be possible to download these texts for consultation even in the absence of a connection to the Internet, but will be available only via the reader integrated in the various apps. After this clarification we can go to our list of the best apps:

Google Play Books (Android and iOS)

In this our list motivated, can not certainly miss the Google store, Play Books is the section of the Play Store dedicated to ebooks and audiobooks. The application in addition to allow the purchase of a large number of volumes, allows you to download and read many free books. In the app to find the free books we can just do a search by writing the key word “free” (without the quotes). The downloaded books will not be read by other apps, but only within the Play Books, which also provides a comfortable and complete reader.

Amazon Kindle Shop (Android and iOS)

Not everyone knows that Amazon on its Kindle Shop that offers a good number of ebooks completely free. Amazon offers for free especially the great classics of our literature and of foreign visitors. The Kindle Shop is easily accessible through the app of the same name. The ebook will be downloaded to the device and will then be available for reading even without a network, but it will be possible to access them only via the Kindle app.

From the application it is possible to turn on Kindle Unlimited, it is an interesting proposal for the regular readers, the monthly cost of 9.99 € (how much the monthly cost Spotify Premium), offers the possibility to read a large selection of ebooks. Kindle Unlimited is free for the first 30 days, you can learn more by referring to our leaflet dedicated.

Kobo Books (Android and iOS)

Kobo Books is another store that is very useful to visit if you are looking for free books. To use the app simply download it for free from the App Store or the Play Store. Once you have completed the installation, at first boot you will need to create an account, to be able to find and then download the books of our interest. Getting free ebooks is simple, they have a section dedicated, just: press the menu button on the top left and then choose the voice free ebooks.

All downloaded books can be read, even without an internet connection, but only via the convenient reader integrated in the app.

On Android the Web browser does not limit the formats of downloadable files, then just use your browser and go to the major portals that provide books for free, so you can download without problems on your device.

These books, unlike the ones downloaded via the solutions of which we spoke above, will not be covered by DRM, then you can read them via the app, the ebook reader that you prefer.

We have already talked about the the best websites to download free books in this article.

Our focus on best app to download books on Android and iOS has arrived at the conclusion, let us know with a comment if you like to read on smartphones and tablets, or if you prefer a comfortable ebook reader.

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