Bessatsu Dragon Age, the new magazine with the mangaka for Highschool of the Dead, and Trinity Seven


Published on Sep 08, 2017


On the 25th of September the publishing house Kadokawa will launch Bessatsu Dragon Age, a new container of the seasonal seinen manga sold at a price of 670 Yen (about 5 Euro).

Inside will find the new manga of many well-known authors in Italy, starting from Maho Shojo Flaming Star — the new series of Shouji Sato (drawings) and Kenji Saito (story), respectively mangaka for Highschool of the Dead and Triage X and the original author of Trinity Seven — The Academy of the Seven Witches.

Maho Shojo Flaming Star will be on the cover of the first number and will have color pages; the cover illustration, also used for the second side of the giant poster in homage to the magazine (the first side will have a picture unpublished of Mitsuru “Sankarea” Hattori).

Complete the summary of the first number: Sekai wo Sukuu Tame ni Watashi to Asachun Dekimasuka of Rekomaru Otoi (Ojisan and Marshmallow), Yojohan Isekai Koryuki of Fumihiro Kiso (The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm) & Mikoto Yamaguchi (Dead Tube), Killing Me, Killing You by Imomushi Narita, Yuusha no Party ni Eiyoshi ga Kuwawatta! of Sanko Takada, Kegare no Uta Yusuke Osawa, Banrai no Hecatoncheir of Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Gokinjo Sanrinshatai of Noko Omi, Jin, Lost de of Akira Segami, Kamiotoshi no Oni, Kenji Sugawara, and still without the title of Yoichi Abe.

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Bessatsu Dragon Age, the new magazine with the mangaka for Highschool of the Dead and Trinity Seven is




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