Berlusconi and one idea of Milan. His

Published on Apr 12, 2016

There is little to say, but that little ve the savings. From before Christmas, Berlusconi wanted to hunt Later and in private, it was never a mystery. It was a choice of Galliani – as Zaccheroni, Terim, Cheerful – and the choices of Galliani are to be tolerated by the head only in the presence of the results: when they fail, the cape is part of the scene, and they clear away.
The head, you know, he wants Milan to be guided by people willing to put into practice his valuable suggestions. The fact is that for that bench potential yesmen say they are always ready to listen to him; after a few months of work and up against the limitations of the team begin, however, to make its head (Seedorf, Inzaghi) and then the chief is upset, and them spring – Forward, a phenomenon in also train the head, there is only one.
I'll be more clear: first of all, the head had invited It to play with the trequartista and the two points even if the ball was only a suggestion; after the 0-4 with Napoli sinisa mihajlovic did prevail in the personal register and start distances, clutches; clutches that are increased with the non-use of Poles, which the chief would have wanted in the field, the arrival in January of the beloved – always from the head – Boateng, sponsorship, public Locatelli – also the 90 million spent in the summer have weighed a lot.
The errors of Line, going against his nature, he also tried to mediate, were mainly these: not having midfielders manovrieri, people from the dribble easy, has long sought the individual solutions, focusing for example on the Visitors; then it failed to handle Zarate, 16 goals in the championship last year, returned from a long injury with very little desire to give a hand; the sufferings on the plan of the game and a lot of bad luck did the rest.
The good you know it: the launch of the sixteen-year-old Donnarumma, the net improvement in the athletic group (rare accidents), the recovery of Alex and Antonelli, the growth of Kucka and Bonaventure.
It's up to Dias. Oh, yes, man.


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