Beppe Grillo's like the Joker: “I am chaos”


Published on Oct 13, 2019


The neapolitan public expected to see on stage the founder of the Movement 5 Stars Beppe grillo, but instead there was a small surprise: in its place, in fact, presented the neapolitan actor Patrick Responded, of which, with a short sketch, has introduced the video sent from the same Beppe Grillo, which you can find at the top of this article.

For his performance, Beppe Grillo is inspired mainly by the Joker of Heath Ledger, as is already clear from the makeup you have chosen, and making it his conception of what is chaos, even if rivedendola slightly.

Cricket, after he claimed not to have, nor plans, nor much less the need, in fact, has spoken of his conception rather nihilistic of modern times: according to his words, every effort of the individual to limit the entry of toxic substances into the air that we breathe is basically useless, since “there are four and a half billion asians who are tripling within the next ten years their consumption of oil, coal, steel,...”.

Beppe Grillo and then he continued: “I do not live in the plans, I live in my entropy, I live in this law of thermodynamics where it crashes everything, and everything perishes,“ adding: “chaos is the greatest form of democracy of this century, and I am chaos. I am the real chaos“.

Now, someone among you might think that “some men just want to see burn the world“.

Beppe Grillo's like the Joker: “I am chaos” is




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