Benitez challenged for something bigger than him

Published on Jan 05, 2016

He had everything that he wanted and that he had always wanted: the champions everywhere (by Mister unoazero Ronaldo to Modric, Ramos a Bale, Marcelo and James), and finally had his Madrid team of the heart and of the skin, the protection of a leader, a friend, a very influential (to the director general, José Àngel Sánchez) and the Champions league; in addition, thanks to the call of Florentino, he had managed to fall to her feet after the unique and unlucky experience neapolitan.
She had everything, she lost everything. Everything except the money.

Even though he criticized it for almost two years, were not among the many who welcomed it with a thin and stupid pleasure for the exemption after just six months of Benitez. Also because his fate was written: Rafa has wanted to challenge, and from the comparison with something larger than him came out with broken bones.

Experience with inter was not enough: he had to know that taking over at a technical winning Ancelotti is after Mourinho – and he built a very special relationship with the team would have been rischiosissimo. Believed to be able to do. He is wrong again.

The end of the short story with the Real is the failure biggest in the career of Benitez, because it is not depended only by the results: in the end, could still win both the Champions league as la Liga. It is the biggest because it marks so much the future as the past and the present. Who also belongs to Himself, the one without a pedigree, nor the securities; a successor that through the training gave a further blow to the credibility of the Spanish.


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