Belkin Universal: single cable for all connectors!


Published on Jun 28, 2018


belkin Universal is a new cable that can connect to multiple devices while having different connectors. Available in two different versions, is available in the Indiegogo campaign right at really affordable prices.

Do you remember griffin? Now comes a second version, more versatile and interesting than the first as well as the most functional. belkin Universal is the name of the new family of products from belkin that combines the peculiarity that we knew the versatility of a connector at the same time compatible with both Lightning and with the MicroUSB. Not only that: inCharge Universal is also available in a version compatible not only with the first two mentioned, but also with the USB-to-C. In this second case, the USB connector-C is removable, but always attached to the main body that is magnified very little.

For you users is available a promotion that will allow you to purchase the couple of the belkin Universal dual to$ 12 shipped in September 2018. The version All-in-One is available at 14$ for the bipack. On indiegogo, there are also other packs for the purchase of this accessory that, according to the promises of the company, may become really indispensable to all lovers of technology.

The two ends of the belkin Universal are held together by two magnets, very durable that allow you to attach the device, for example, a common key ring.

The cables are available in a multitude of colours as well as in the variant in brown leather. Do you like it? Please let us know through the comments, the chat of our application or all of our social channels.

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