‘Belen Rodriguez with another man’: the vent of Andrea Iannone on the social

Published on Sep 27, 2018

Belen Rodriguez seems to have already another companion. But Andrea Iannone of this whole story is really fed up

Andrea Iannone has snapped on the social on the question of Belen Rodriguez. The showgirl seems to be interested in another man, and it is for this reason that now is far away from the pilot.

These are days that the gossip su Belen Rodriguez winds. Apparently, the showgirl and Andrea Iannone are left. The champion motorcycle replica hard to gossip, reveal his separation from argentina.

The two have been together for two years now. He blurts out on social:

“All in the name of more sinister gossip to sell a few extra copies”

The weekly ‘Who’ has revealed that the history between the two it would be over. It seems that the showgirl is interested in a football agent as well as a restaurateur and owner of some local in Ibiza with whom, in the days of his birthday, he spent time.

The sample bike is tired of the gossip and replication as well as the newspapers to exhort:

“It seems to me that now you're exaggerating, attributing to Belen stories with other men.... today even more than one, in the name of more sinister gossip to sell a few more copies without any respect for a woman who has the only ‘wrong’ of being famous. There are also just friends, Belen is a woman from the feelings that are serious, real and a mother. So you just have to. I tell people not to believe everything that is served up”.

Therefore, the two are still together? It seems yes from the words of the sample, but it is not clear in emphasizing the feelings of the showgirl in her. The same Rodriguez had joked on the news that are circulating about her day after day. In a stories on social writes:

“Belen is pregnant, Belen leaves, Belen, Belen, Belen... Thanks for your assiduous attention”,

In short, both are just very, very tired. Meanwhile, however, the real truth never emerges completely.

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