Belen Rodriguez kisses new girlfriend, the paparazzi, the peck -Photo

Published on Oct 20, 2018

Belen Rodriguez was spotted by the paparazzi in one of those photos that immediately make you around the web and become viral

The beautiful showgirl argentina Belen Rodriguez, seems to have already forgotten her ex-boyfriend, motorcycle racer, Andrea Iannone. After the farewell to the beautiful pilot, the model was snapped in the capital with the man: two years together and then the two are separated by a few months.

The presenter of “You are the vales”, Belen Rodriguez was spotted in Rome, and seems to fully enjoy her single life with his friends. In particular, the exclusive photos on the site shows the beautiful argentine model, in a roman restaurant with the three men.

This is the pr milan, Pietro Tavallini, known as the “Petrine”, Martin Catrogiovanni the other presenter of the program of Maria De Filippi “You mean that vales” and her stylist Giuseppe Di Cecca.

After the separation from Iannone, Belen Rodriguez seems to have forgotten his love story. The beautiful argentine model, as the photos show, lets go for a kiss on the lips with my long-time friend Peter the moment that has been immortalized by the paparazzi. Of course you can speak of a new flirtation, this is a simple evening between friends.

Belen, is happily single and wants to again enjoy his life after the separation with Andrea Iannone. The two, in fact after many pulls and spring have officially ended their relationship. In a recent interview On a Sunday, the ex-husband Stefano De Martino, former conductor of the Famous Island, the father of Santiago, has declared to be again in tune with Belen Rodriguez.

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