Belen Rodriguez and the backstab by her best friend

Published on Nov 04, 2018

The magazine ‘Novella 2000’ has caught Andrea Iannone in sweet companionship through the streets of Milan

Apparently Andrea Iannone has easily forgotten Belen Rodriguez, with whom he was engaged for about four years. The pilot of Moto GP, in fact, a few hours ago it was paparazzato in the company of another woman. But this is not a person, but a very close to the presenter of ‘You are que vales’. Let's see in detail what happened.

The photographers ‘Novella 2000’, the well-known magazine of gossip, directed by Roberto Alessi, have paparazzato the centaur in attitudes affectionate with a girl. But who is it? And while his former Belen is torn between the possible return of the flame with ex-husband Stefano De Martino and the new entry, the basketball player Bruno Cerella, Iannone, perhaps, has found a new flame.

The latter, in fact, a few days ago was seen with Martina Menegon, historical friend of the showgirl argentina. Apparently the two have been pinched together, the more of a chance. Gatta ci cova? It is a flirt or have remained friends, in spite of the removal of Rodriguez.

The ex-boyfriend of Belen Rodriguez was spotted in the capital of lombardy. Iannone and the beautiful Martina Menegon you are secluded in a local city to have a drink together and to chat. Then she showed his phone to the pilot of Moto GP becoming dark in the face. What will be seen as scandalous? Later, the two boys got up and Andrew as a real gentleman, he accompanied the girl home.

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