Belen Rodriguez a Verissimo speaks about Stefano de Martino: what is there between them?


Published on Mar 22, 2019


Belen Rodriguez to star in the new episode of "True". On the 22nd of march 2019, among the guests of Silvia University there will be just the Belenita most beloved in italy! And of course, if there is Belen, you can not do less than to speak of his private life, and then of his relationship with Stefano de Martino. How are things? Up to this moment, after the famous video and photos at the airport, talking was only Stefano, saying that between him and Belen there is a nice relationship between people who love one another, between two parents who love and adore their son. “We do not do evil to anyone,” he had said to Stefano de Martino in his interview to Sunday's. And the beautiful Belen tomorrow to True, it will be called to answer to the same question: what is there between you and Stefano? Only a feeling of affection or a new love?

Here's what he said Belen in the living room of Silvia University:

“They are sensitive issues and there is a family with a child. If I speak and say some things that don't happen I make ugly figures. I'm going very slowly because they are acquired, once far all, because I was younger and more unaware.”

And still:

“I was going to put all and I do what I said to heart. I tried to turn the page and build another family, but I couldn't. Even though it seems I don't like to have children with different parents, and then we'll see”.

These are the words of Belen that confirms or denies nothing, but continues on the same path of Stefano. What harm is there to love?

Rodriguez said to be inspired by the great love that has always existed between his parents, that obstacles have due to overcome many.

“Their history has been very influential on me as a person because you looked at them that they were together despite the many issues, and it hurt not to see me as well. I am not, however, confirming nothing, slowly and with discretion, we shall see. The engine of this thing was to him, also because he has to be wrong”.

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