Beijing Express 2020: the winners are them – VIDEO


Published on Apr 15, 2020


After ten weeks of joys and sorrows, Beijing Express 2020 has finally elected the new winning couple of season. In the last stage – which took place entirely in the capital, Seoul – the travelers remained in the race have had to face new challenges related to the culinary traditions and culture of the place. In detail, in this appointment, have the Wedding Planner, the Collegiate and the Top have made the acquaintance of Cristina Confalonieri: a celebrity of the Korean tv as well as the ambassador of the public toilets in the Country. Guests of the bet final is also two other Italian expats in South Korea: the entrepreneur Alberto Worlds and the youtuber Marco Ferrara (known with the nickname Seoul Mafia).

As is the tradition, in the middle of the race one of the three pairs of the travelers was deleted because it came last to the intermediate goal: to immediately leave the final was the pair of the Top, composed of as girl in madrid Mello and Ema Kovac. The two models are ranked on the third place of Beijing Express 2020.

After various tests in the subject of food, wing challenge two opens with a real dance challenge: Enzo Miccio and Carolina against Nicole Rossi and Jennifer Ask you are due to prepare to face a performance of dance in front of a real audience in one of the squares of the city of Seoul. Both pairs have had an hour to learn the choreography inspired by two famous songs in KPop: “Boys with LUV” of the BTS for the Wedding Planner and “Kill this Love” of BlackPink. This test is stravinta by Enzo and Carolina, so that they can enjoy 5 minutes of advantage on the torque opposing. But this advantage has helped to win?

The #Collegiate win 8 edition of #pechinoexpress! @RaiDue @CdGherardesca #Rai2

After a new short-stroke, heart-pounding, at the end we discover that the red carpet is located at the Olympic Park of the city. There, the two couples have discovered the truth: the Collegiate and the Wedding Planner, each in a separate place, have received compliments from Constantine The Gherdesca and they were invited to play the big drum placed in the centre of the square; if, after beating the big drum, the other women would respond by beating a rhythm on their own, we would have had the certainty that the couple in question is the pair triumphant.

To make the sound of all the drums was the couple of College students, consisting of Nicole Rossi and Jennifer Ask. Nothing done to the couple of the Wedding Planner, who must settle for a suffered a second place.

The eighth edition of Pechino Express, ends with the classic sign of thanks but the message is more: “Soon we will start travelling together.“

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