Beijing Express 2020: here are the three pairs of finalists, the elimination of shock in Korea


Published on Apr 08, 2020


With the first episode carried out in South Korea, Beijing Express 2020 is approaching to elect the pair absolute winner of this seventh edition of the reality show " on the road of Rai due. At the beginning of this ninth episode – the semi finals – we have seen in race four couples: The Gladiators, the pair composed by Max Giusti and Marco Mazzocchi; the Wedding Planner, or Enzo Miccio and his assistant, Carolina “Caro” Gianuzzi; the Collegiate Nicole Rossi and Jennifer Set; the duo of the Top, composed by Ema Kovac, and as girl in madrid Mello.

As already said, a step from the final, Costantino Della Gherardesca has scored the last elimination before the epilogue of the broadcast that will be aired on the 14th April in the early evening on Rai due. Which couple was eliminated? And what are those that you will play all out in the final next Tuesday?

In the semi-final of Beijing Express 2020, the four couples race you are cimentante in the discovery of the gastronomic and cultural traditions of South Korea. The first surprise was the discovery of a huge rivalry with the neighboring Japan due to past colonial wars and current wars, economic: for which reason, the logo of Beijing Express (the sun rays) is censored and replaced by the production of a generic written “Peking Express”. The sun ray is the figure that appears in the flag of the Rising Sun, attributed to the forces of the japanese military.

Other novelties for couples has been the discovery of a meteorological climate, the complete opposite of spring in China, South Korea travelers have literally suffered from the cold, with peaks of -2 degrees celsius during some hitchhiking. Test the advantage of the bet was a test of archery, which has seen the triumph of the Gladiators. The two friends were able to assign two disadvantages: a bunch of bulky balloons (went to allies Wedding Planner) and a 10 min penalty (assigned to the College) to serve a second before the achievement of the red carpet. Yet another penalty for the two neo-teens that he did jump on all the furies Nicole... and that triggered the case for conspiracy: the Wedding Planner and the Gladiators were in cahoots, and already from the second episode.

The “ruthless” in name and in fact sends the #Top in the final of the #PechinoExpress 🥉🎒#WeddingPlanner #Gladiators #Rai2

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Test after test, we have witnessed the final standings: last of the Gladiators and the Top. First the Wedding Planner: the final verdict on who to send to risk elimination. Enzo Miccio has amazingly decided to try to eliminate his business associates Gladiators concluding the agreement taken in the past. An agreement that is concluded for reasons of force majeure: Max Giusti and Marco Mazzocchi are deleted from the Black Envelope.

Couples who are in the final, therefore, are the Wedding Planner, the Collegiate and the Top.

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