Beijing Express 2020 final: who will win? Wedding Planner finished, the eye to the Collegiate


Published on Apr 14, 2020


It is the time of the final after a thrilling edition of Pechino Express. The reality show aired on Rai 2 is one of the few notes of levity in this spring television the desert, and we would have watched it gladly also a couple of other bets ( the hope is that you can have the replicas of the first editions would be a manna from heaven). But back to us: what will happen in the episode of Pechino Express 2020 air today 14 April ? The final has arrived and just a few steps from the finish line, there are three couples who aspire to jump to the first on the red carpet ! Needless to remind you that in the race were the Wedding Planner, the favourites of this edition; the Collegiate, which matches on the sly went on to have a great race and to finish the TOP; certainly Eve and as girl in madrid have given their contribution and were strong enough to get to the final but for all, the true third winners of this year's edition of Beijing, are the gladiators!

Who will have the better? After the semi-final that aired last Tuesday on the network you have read so much about a possible spoiler, that Constantine would have done. In the preview video of this episode is, in fact, is the conductor of Beijing to welcome the winning couple and say “here's to the winners” or something similar. And it is for this that, since there are only two pairs of women remained in the race and the other mixed, all thought that so to win will be the Wedding Planner, the WINNERS then.

But Constantine often speaks to couples in the race as “travelers” and not as travellers because it has in front of women. Easy then to think that even if he won a couple of women, Costantino della Gherardesca could then talk about the winners and non-winners.

Who is going to win then this edition? It was a journey of Enzo Miccio, useless to deny it. The wedding planner has been shown, in addition to his legendary collaborator, to be strong, agguerritissimo, astutissimo, never give up, to be always on the piece! And Carolina? That can be said of his patience: it has always been at the side of Enzo showing, however, also have great attributes. The rest, as they have said multiple times, when you are dealing with mothers and wives, nothing can scare you!

Nicole and Jennifer in the face of their young age they are put in the game, they argued, have met, have never surrendered. Their was a diesel starting, but in the end they deserve this final, and perhaps are also worth the victory, having regard to the various strategies that the adults, to face them, they put on the field.

And Emma as girl in madrid were certainly smart enough to get to the final but were saved on several occasions for the broken of the headphone. Of them, we probably won't remember the victory of the TOP would certainly be totally unexpected and maybe even undeserved.

The winning couple will win a cash prize to be donated to the NGO OVCI – La nostra famiglia (the organisation of Voluntary activities for international cooperation) and work with its volunteers in the countries visited by this edition.

We just have to "tune in" to this evening on Rai 2 in order to understand how it will end!

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