Beijing Express 2020: a True Gem, and the final surprise, never happened in 8 years of reality


Published on Mar 11, 2020


At a distance of eight years, Beijing Express 2020 is back in China, leading us to the discovery of architectural and naturalistic beauties. But it is not only the only thing worthy of note among the things that happened in the course of the fifth episode of the show hosted by Costantino Della Gherardesca. What exactly happened?

Because of some of the trips the unwary, the pair of Survivors composed of Gem and Gennaro Lillio arrived to the red carpet with a long delay. A delay so so overdone as to have disrupted the liturgy of the end of the episode with the ranking and recognition of the possible deleted...

Since the first part of the fifth episode of Pechino Express 2020 we realized that something was wrong in the couple of Survivors True Gem and Gennaro Lillio. The two have gone in the fourth but, after a few steps, they realized that they were traveling in the opposite direction; in so doing, they realized too late that you have moved away from the point of arrival... but also from that of departure!

On the second day of the race, the two have had to reach again the starting point and then resume the race from the start but with a day of delay on the roadmap. The gap between the pair of the Survivors, and the other was really too much. So much that Costantino Della Gherardesca was forced to go ahead with the filming of the reality show.

In fact, all the others had already reached the finish line and, therefore, it was necessary to begin to tell the ranking. True and Gennaro arrived at the unveiling of the rankings in almost total dusk.

On arriving at the place with the ceremony of elimination now started, the two travelers quickly realised to be arrived at the last and having to submit to the judgement of the winning pair of the stage, or the Wedding Planner. And this was the last they then decided to put the Survivors at risk elimination (saving the couple the Mother and Daughter). The Black Envelope, but, this time it was clement: for the first time this season, the stage was preliminary.

The next episode of Pechino Express 2020 will continue in China... hoping that True Gem and Gennaro Lillio comply with the race times.

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