Begins the phase 2 of Maria de Filippi Men and Women, and Special Friends and Temptation Island


Published on Apr 30, 2020


For Maria de Filippi begins phase 2. The host in reality has never stopped in these farms, even if he had to revise much in its programs. Before a different edition of Friends, an edition that will certainly in the history of television. Then a new formula for Men and Women, widely rejected by the public at home that has not appreciated. And in the meantime, the casting for Temptation Island and the preparation of the new show aired in prime-time may Special Friends.

The presenter, interviewed by the journalists of Vanity Fair explains that what we'll see in the coming weeks on tv, Men and Women who try to go back to normal on Temptation Island, which airs this summer, but with a format, definitely slightly different. The rest of the show continues. Also in Portugal, for example, in recent days has begun the new edition of Big Brother. The competitors were put in quarantine: there will be a two-week blocks, then they'll do the medical checks and finally come into the house, preparing for this edition of abnormal reality.

But back to phase 2 of Maria de Filippi.

“Monday, may 4, resumes Men and Women in its classic version, even if up to a certain point, since there will be neither the public nor all of the people who live in Milan and in the areas most affected by the coronavirus. I think that a digital part will remain in the new version“.

The presenter is not canted much but you already know that the program will be aired, it is definitely a good news.

“Physical contact is not necessarily fundamental: what makes more angry boyfriends and girlfriends is not so much the massage on the back, but the confidence with the corteggiatrici and the suitors. Jealousy is always born from this, We are trying to work on this”.

Delayed for a few weeks, the short will make its debut and Special Friends who will have an important task. Explains the presenter to Vanity Fair: “The idea is to help the Civil Protection: the boys, the dancers and singers, perform for this. They were cute because they have never experienced the problem of the race, there will be public and there will be distances to be respected. Of course there will be a race and a winner, but with a different spirit”.

HERE the complete cast of Friends Special

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