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Published on Oct 07, 2019


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Where I was before being with you?

The children's questions are unsettling, and just as the answers that you give.

My world before you, it had to be a way to you. This could be the summary of a register of the beautiful – Listen, mom Sachie Hattori – brought to Italy from Kira Kira, a small publishing house specializing in japanese books that we hope will publish in Italy, other wonders such as this.

"Listen, mom, before I forget, there is one thing that you would like to tell. You will not surprise, is my story... before you were born"

The story comes suddenly, as always happens with matters large that occupy the hearts of the children, a moment of peace, of time vacuum that suddenly fills with stars that explode.

The mother is in the silence welcoming, not will we ever see his face, but his gestures heavy tell more than a thousand words.

The daughter begins the story, a story that is conscious of its own identity as something different from being of the mother, with which, however, has a need to share this "be yourself" ("Listen ... to my story").

My world before you, it had to be a way to you.

In a magical journey that begins with the star, we travel along with these kids in their adorable rompers from the patterns different. A journey that is not just the journey from the moment of conception, is a journey that is born indefinitely, at a certain point in the story, in the sky... in the thought of the explosive and generator someone. Not burdened by its own weight, in a sky that is so reminiscent of the depths of the sea, the children seem to float in space, dark and black among the glow of the stars.

"Then a big ship comes to pick us up. On the ship we are taught so many things, that the world is wonderful and sometimes it is sad, and that from then on begins a journey to reach the dad and mom."

Children show that they have consciousness and the ability of thought, right from the start: a great truth! The children, they even choose the place where will end up, as if to say there is nothing left to chance: I had to get in there, I had chosen to reach your arms.

"The way to come the world is more difficult than you think".

Together (also very beautiful is the perception of not being alone!) children face the jungles, storms at sea, flights, jumps, swims with the whales... there are enchanted by the beauty ("we express a desire, we must become people who recognize the beauty each time that the encounter") and draw courage from the lions, to overcome any obstacle ("We didn't need to know that beyond there was a person that was awaiting us").

Along with children come to cross the threshold of the door lit, each one to his mother.

"Listen, mom, the story of this wonderful journey we forget them, because the journey that begins when it comes to the world is much longer and much more beautiful".

The memory therefore becomes a precious treasure to be safeguarded and for this reason is entrusted to the person most dear in the world, mom. The protagonist with this act entrusts itself to its mother, in a gesture of surrender, moving to where the mother is aware of it.

My world before you, it had to be a way to you.

The faces of the children portraits by the talented Sachie Hattori have a certain charm decided in the eyes that does not need to express with marcatezza the different moods, because, after all, is the determination of what moves children between the difficulties and the moments of blissful happiness. In a riot of colors surrounded by black, the fantastic visions and the memories of intrauterine life are intertwined with fantasy and realism, in a book that is a joy for the eyes.

A touching book.

P.S. the text, in my opinion, is very well suited to the telling of the journey of the children adopted into their family. The metaphor of the journey with the difficulties, the dangers, the fears... much like the long path that our adopted children face by themselves, before it reaches us. The images clearly refer to the birth (the door open on the dark, babies that stretch all the way out from skirts of mothers) are in any way related to the birth of the bond with the adoptive parents! Also I think it's great to be able to offer a reading so wonderfully metaphorical about where the good triumphs, even in the difficulties, to children – such as adoptive – who may have doubts on the goodness of their lives “previous”

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