Bedero Valcuvia, on Friday, a conference on the widespread phenomenon of Cyberbullying

Published on May 24, 2017

An interesting conference that will be held in the little square of the historical center of Bedero Valcuvia on the evening of Friday 26 may: “Cyberbullying – a worrying Phenomenon in the growth underestimated”. The theme at the center of the meeting, became more and more present and worrying, especially for the younger generations born in the era of the internet and stem it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of its foundations. The appointment, to which the whole citizenship is invited to participate, is for the hours 21. Bedero Valcuvia, on Friday, a conference on the widespread phenomenon of Cyberbullying. The era of the internet, and in particular that of social networks has opened up new possibilities for all of us. The other side of the coin, however, is represented by the risks related to improper use of this tool: among these, of particular concern, especially for young people, is cyberbullying. For adolescents who are growing up in contact with the new technologies, the distinction between life online and life offline is really minimal. The activities that the young people do online, or through the technological media have so often consequences in their real life. In the same way, the online lives affect also the way of behaving of the guys offline, and this element has several possible effects that must be taken into account to fully understand cyberbullying. Just to get the citizenship in respect of the consequences of this phenomenon have on the most vulnerable segments of the population is organised in the municipality of Bedero Valcuvia a conference entitled “Cyberbullying – a worrying Phenomenon in the growth underestimated” that can help to understand the magnitude and characteristics of the phenomenon that there is to face. In this period, in fact, it is necessary that the adults are able to help children and adolescents to implement responsible behaviour. There will be many interventions that are taking place in the course of the conference. The conference, “Cyberbullying – a worrying Phenomenon in the growth underestimated” will be held by Dr. ssa Cristina Mastronardi, a psychologist and psychotherapist who has implemented a number of prevention projects relating to the scourge of bullying and of the risks related to new technologies in the schools of Varese and Milan. Among the guests, also the lawyer of the court of Varese, Lydia Maria Muser, who has held many events and educational meetings and quotes on the topics of legality and the legal consequences you may incur from the child. To conclude the evening, the intervention of Dr. ssa Rosanna Doors, a teacher at the scuola media “Enrico Fermi Cunardo”. To moderate the evening, at the end of which there will be a buffet, the councillor for culture of Bedero Valcuvia Roberto De Zordi. In case of bad weather, the conference will be held in the multipurpose room

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