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Published on Feb 01, 2020


1/6Enrico Orlandi, the flower of The witch, Tunué2/6Enrico Orlandi, the flower of The witch, Tunué3/6Enrico Orlandi, the flower of The witch, Tunué4/6Enrico Orlandi, the flower of The witch, Tunué5/6Enrico Orlandi, the flower of The witch, Tunué6/6Enrico Orlandi, the flower of The witch, Tunué

The rites of initiation and passage to adulthood are the moments that have accompanied and accompany (even if in a very different way) all the guys. But what does it mean to become an adult? Often this crucial step is associated with an acquired ability, a “fend for himself”... but it's really just this?

The flower of the witch of Enrico Orlando, tells the story of a boy, Tami, in the journey to become a man. In a setting that recalls the apocalyptic scenarios de La valle del vento Hayao Miyazaki, the folklore of africa with his masks and his witches (think of Kirikou and the sorceress ) and the demons of the nordic sagas, Tami deals with the snow and the forests, alone, armed with courage and a kind smile. Accustomed to fend for itself (we find that he is an orphan), but in this case it must prove to all to be a man and must do it in complete solitude:

"all the children of my village, when they reach ten years of age must leave their home and embark on a journey. The exiles could return only when they have become men. [...] The worse is not the hunger, the cold, the nostalgia, the hard part is that none of us are told how to become men."

After research and heroic, borne throughout the known world, Tami had met a shaman who gave him a mission that would make him a man: stealing the flowers to the witch of the village of Kariga. Between demons and revenge, spirits and steps are prohibited Tami will reach finally a village where it will be the rescue and helped. Welcomed by the warmth of the village and the warmth of a family and of a girl, Mira, will be forced against his will to reflect on the meaning of “growth”.

It is a matter of demonstration to others? It is a duty inevitable? It is imperative to do regardless of the circumstances and from their own history?

The world of the gods, disturbing, even when just, and men are mingled in an adventurous plot, but still imbued with thoughts.

""I can do it. I'll be back.” "You are a child, and keeps you always""

The easy and obvious axiom that “I have to win something=I do it at any cost, trampling every obstacle is put in the discussion, before Mira, but then Tami the same. To what end grow if you do not have someone beside you? And what you want to what place in the world of adults? You can earn something with violence?

The path Tami has become a metaphor for a freedom that becomes conscious, a journey in search of their identity after conducting Tami for all the stages canonical does stop in front of a big question: what do you really want to for you?

""I thought that once I became a man... I just wanted to be accepted... loved"".

But the love you can conquer? The story is anything but a mental journey, is a story experiential, full of twists and adventure, battles, and heroic deeds, battles and sacrifices.

At the end of the time acquires a different dimension, the concern is forged in patience and in comes a new awareness: that of not wanting to be a man.

The style of Enrico Orlandi is addictive, stylized, but not trivial. African masks are in the volumes sharp, of illustrator an harmonious welcome. The illustrations do not like the settings and focus on action and full of style adventurous. The monochromatic backgrounds are of resonance to the emotional climate, creating steps-paced and intense.

A comic book not at all obvious, engaging and full of direct questions, and interesting that the children from 9-10 years of age can take this seriously.

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