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Published on Sep 20, 2018


The iPhone X is currently the best iPhone in terms of quality and price that is still available in the shops and online. Here is why we recommend that everyone purchase it, in spite of the arrival of the new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and the next release of the iPhone XR.

The iPhone X is currently on Amazon at only 869€, but probably on other tech sites you can find it for even less. It is a very competitive price if compared to 1.189€ provided for the base model of the iPhone XS and 889€ for the iPhone XR this year. So if you want a smartphone Apple with the new design, display borderless and the Face ID, the iPhone X is the one that is currently there is less expensive.

Aside from the price, being a smartphone with a year on his shoulders, not certainly has all the features and specifications of the new models presented this year. So, let's compare it initially to the iPhone XS and then the iPhone XR to understand what are the differences between the two smartphones.

The iPhone XS is the natural evolution of the iPhone X. it is logical to expect, then, improvements in various aspects. But what actually changes as compared to last year's model?

Change the processor and amount of RAM memory, which guarantee higher performance and lower consumption compared to the iPhone X. note, however, that currently the processor A11 of the iPhone X is still higher than any other CPU in a smartphone competition. The battery life with these new components, increasing only 30 minutes, in fact, the total capacity of the component is even less than the iPhone X. The wireless charging is slightly faster, as well as the operation of the Face ID. In addition, the new iPhone XS can withstand up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of 2 meters (one meter more than the iPhone X). We would like to mention also the possibility of using the iPhone with two SIM cards, but the function will not be available in the uk at launch.

After these news, we now see the ones related to the department's photo/video, that we list below:

All of these functions listed above are not present on the iPhone X, but objectively we don't know how they can be helpful in daily use. In addition to this, certain functions such as the control of depth in photos taken with the portrait mode, can be easily “recovered” on the iPhone X using some dedicated application.

Most of these changes are marginal and do not notice in daily use, when compared to the features of the iPhone X. however, If you are particularly interested in, you can buy an iPhone XS, going to spend about 320€ more compared to the iPhone X.

It is true that the iPhone XR has been presented this year, but it is also true that it has fewer features compared to the iPhone X. The news of this smartphone compared to the iPhone X is the processor A12, a larger screen, the expanded dynamic range for video up to 30 fps, Smart HDR and optical stabilization of the camera on the front. Also the autonomy is improved, ensuring a time of greater use compared to the iPhone X.

Also in this case, the news are few and as mentioned previously, the iPhone X has even better features:

In our opinion, therefore, the iPhone X is even higher than the iPhone XR with regard to daily use. The price is lower and will continue to drop in the next month that separates us from the release of the iPhone XR.


In conclusion, the iPhone X seems to have the best iPhone in terms of quality and price currently available on the market. Maybe in a few months with the lowering of the street price of the new iPhone 2018 our opinion about it will change, but for the moment I recommend to all. For those who are not interested in the new design of the iPhone, however, can consider the purchase of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. These last in fact are still great devices, especially thanks to the recent optimization done with iOS 12.


What do you think? Which iPhone you buy this fall? What do you think is the best iPhone in terms of quality and price?

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