Because Radiohead have disappeared from the social (i.e.: news on the new album)

Published on May 02, 2016

The Radiohead have disappeared. Or, at least, are no longer traceable online: it seems impossible, but it is so. Thom Yorke and the members were from the network, deleting all trace of their existence from the social.

The official page on Facebook is completely empty: disappeared photos (including profile and cover page) and deleted all the post published in the course of the years, from the creation of the page.
The same fate for your Twitter account: via photos, tweets, and any trace of activity.
The band did not have Instagram, on the other hand has emptied, the profile is also on Google+. It is completely white, without any indication, the site of Radiohead, who are at the start (in the summer) for a world tour.

A pseudo-disappearance
There is a first though, about this kind of disappearance of the Radiohead from the network: if they wanted to really shut it all out, they would not have simply deleted the various social media accounts? And gave a farewell to the virtual life, at least from the website?

Promotional strategy?
Many think that this mysterious behavior may simply be a promotional strategy for the new album.
It would be their ninth studio album, after 5 years from the last The King of The Limbs (2011).
That, although not officially announced, it should really be coming: last September, the composer Robert Ziegler had published on his Twitter some pictures that showed Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'brien in the recording studios at Air Studios, London.
A month ago, in April, the band's manager Brian Message, has announced that the new album should be out in June, and will be “something you've never heard of before.”
Before the “disappearance from the web”, some fans of Radiohead have been
flyers with the brand (the bear) of the group, with the words “Sing the song of sixpence that goes – Burn the witch – We know where you live”, that is, a double quotation from the nursery rhyme “Sing a song of sixpence” and the unreleased track “Burn the witch”, along with the mysterious message “we Know where you live”.

You know what's new
The campaigns bizarre for the launch of the discs are not new, for the Band, who over the years have made various surprises: from the download to the free offer of the Rainbow (2007) at the sale exclusively on the site of The King of Limbs Tom York, who released his second solo album on BitTorrent (a file-sharing for movies and music to trade is also illegal).


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