Because Friends is the best talent of Italy

Published on May 26, 2016

"Sergio Sylvestre, won the fifteenth edition: here is yet another dream come true for Friends"

15 years have past since for the first time Maria De Filippi, he pronounced the word “CARDS”.
Anyone who follows this program knows that that word means only one thing: soon it will be declared the winner of the Friends. Part in the background We are the champions by Queen and from there it just the dream of a young boy or girl will become a reality.
Already, because Friends no other than this: the realization of a dream. The end of a path that in reality is nothing more than the beginning of something even bigger and wonderful: the start of a career. They know something about Alessandra, Emma, Virginio, Dear Jack, Brig, Moreno, Stash, Mark, Deborah, Anna, Valerio, Anthony, Pierdavide, Karima and many others. And now I also know Sergio, who yesterday was pictured right behind that paper so close to his heart.

Names of boys from the normal, with a dream in that famous drawer, as have many other peers. And what for many is a becera broadcast television has become, for these guys, the possibility of realization of their desires. The only, perhaps, in Italy, to allow the dream of music. Dear detractors, we don't want to, but it is under everybody's eyes the fact that the talent, yes... these much-hated talent, are now the only effective means that can launch careers – more or less long, more or less disputable, is clear – in the world of the sleeping Italian discography. Careers that become discs that become revenue in a market that is semi dead. And between the talent (don't want X-Factor, which has also launched pieces from the 90's, as Marco Mengoni, and Naomi) Friends is definitely the one that most of all he had the ability to offer a real opportunity to kids who participate in it. First of all, because Friends is not only singing, but has now become a launching pad for dancers who arrive after the talent to perform on international stages (see Giuseppe Gioffrè or Elena D'amario). The contribution, in the last editions, it was definitely given by the immense talent of Giuliano Peparini, of which every English lover of art and beautiful things should be proud.

To Friends you are in close contact with professionals of this calibre, because the more that a transmission is a very prestigious school, having regard to the 9 months of free lessons of singing and dancing made available to pupils. A transmission which is free from the constraints of record labels, which allows for a wide choice and more opportunity to the youngsters. A transmission that is first of all a human experience and emotional unique in its kind, and for this it is impossible not to praise Maria De Filippi, capable of bringing out the best from his characters and put them in front of their potential, and their fragility. Is the tv of the emotions, of the identification of millions of television viewers of the guys that every day is a fight to reach their dreams, overcoming obstacles, and enjoying the achievements. And every audience, large or small, is moved opposite to the fragility of Sergio or Elodie, rejoicing for their successes, you feel it too part in the construction of that dream by supporting the right benjamin by buying the release once out of school. It is a war machine that is perfect, where every piece is carefully placed in the right place to work, to allow that involvement to 360 degrees, and those emotions become discs sold, tickets torn in front of the arenas.
Of course it is not all gold that glitters, but once we try to go beyond the sterile polemic, we go beyond the prejudices. Because the critics are not accused only millions of people watching the program, due to the fact that of respect; but in the first place point the finger against one of the guys, who have chosen a new path, the only way now, for one and one thing only: achieve the dream.

Giuseppe Barone

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