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Published on May 12, 2020


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Fairy tales are full of beautiful women, arranged or forced marriage with the monsters most unusual and the story of beauty and The Beast, undoubtedly comes from the interweaving of these forms of old. The versions overlap and flourish with the Nineteenth century, the century of fairy tales, and if the Russian tradition has been successful for the version of the scarlet flower by Sergei Aksav, the oldest european version of this fairy tale is attributed to Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, and, to her, relies on the volume of the library of the classics Minalima.

The story follows along the lines of the narration disney that has made it famous, but adds a world of fairies and spells that were sacrificed in the reduction animated. The story is the daughter authentic the fashion of the contes de fées, and was born in a strange time as the end of the SEVENTEENTH century, during which talk of fairies and spells could seem like an attractive alternative to the expression of his own convictions. Charles Perrault is a clear influence in the writing of the author French, which he updates personally the world, but collects the imaginary wonderful and charming, designed to cheer, with kindness and courtesy, courts of noble listeners: you will not find in this history any stretch of harsh, violent, and disturbing (traits that in fairy tales similar nature that are not lacking!), the story was born to teach, and to indicate patterns of behavior with grace and composure. The final impression is that of a story harmonic, where no accent escapes to the perfect concert of voices: each one is in its place exactly where it should be.

The Beautiful is the last daughter of a rich merchant, adored by the father and by his brothers, envied and opposed by the sisters. Fallen in disgrace, the father feels all the weight of not being able to offer her children a comfortable life-style, and carefree.

The Beautiful, in this situation, it remains a bastion of integrity, humble, helpful, always smiling and never pay to serve, cheer and offer relief even in the difficult conditions of a seal without servants. Of course beautiful, also likes jewelry and wealth, enjoying the beauty of the free world, which seems to belong in its perfection innate. In one of the trips that the father will take in order to recover the heritage lost, will end up magically to seal the enchanted of a beast, in exchange for freedom, ask the father a daughter in marriage. Do not imagine furnishings magically animated: the palace is undoubtedly enchanted, and indeed cursed, because the opulence that it offers to the eyes is countered by a silence and a solitude the left and disturbing. The Beast does not have the time counted, marked by the fall of the petals of a rose, but due to the theft of a rose, will force the father of the Beautiful to immolargli his daughter.

The Beautiful will also support this evidence, offering himself freely as a voluntary sacrificial victim: the honor of the family, the good of the father... the values won without smudging every thought that is not aligned and The Beautiful is ready to be eaten by the Beast (this is what you imagine will happen!). The Beautiful will arrive, therefore, at the residence of the Beast, and his life will be unexpectedly accompanied by the magical entertainment and timely attention: the monkeys, and parrots are his servants, the Beast only appears as a generous patron of the arts. In the evening dinner with kindness, in the only meeting granted with the master of the house, the only repeated request is if Bella wants to sleep with him. To her denial, nothing changes and the days go by, dreams of the princes beautiful and magical windows that allow you to travel the world and enjoy. The integrity of our heroine will find a further confirmation, when she ask you to come back for a short time at his father's home and will return completely convinced to accept the Beast as bridegroom. In a few words the story appears to be ending: the spell melts just the two of you fall asleep, now couple in bed. Yet we're only two-thirds of the story, yes, because the rest of the narrative will be busy, as in the comedies of the roman tradition, from the story of the background needed to make the only detail left unfinished in the story: the humble origin of the Beautiful. Between weddings and the worlds fairy, you will discover, in fact, that the Beautiful is not only a princess, but even the daughter of a famous fairy.

Unlike the other classics chosen for this series, this novel shows some of the stiffness given by the nature of the text, a fairy tale ending. This – in my opinion – has hit the obvious on the little freedom that the illustrators have had compared to the other editions where the interactive elements were really spectacular, because unique and spectacular were some of the ways narrative, absolutely new. Unfortunately, the margin of orginality that would have been able to carve out the illustrators, remaining faithful to the description of the beast, granting Disney the primacy of the iconography, ricalcandone the features with little originality.

"a horrible Beast, that the air in a fury he put on the neck a kind of trunk like that of an elephant"

Despite this, the beauty of the illustrations is undeniable: a modern and yet so in tune to the classic canons of the fairy tale. The settings and the costumes are the mirror of the punctual of the court of the Sun King with this, and he feels enveloped like a warm velvet lined with ermine.

The question therefore arises as to decided: it makes sense to read The Beautiful and the Beast today? I believe absolutely yes. First of all, is a love story, a fairy tale with many details of the fantasy, written almost 300 years ago, and which, nevertheless, show an inventive, intriguing, and unpredictable.

The proposed model, with the heroine Bella certainly has something of the artifact, but in any case can not say that is not provocative and perplexed to read of a woman who bet their happiness on the reserve, and to the acceptance of the other, and gratitude.

A figure is optimistic, and anything but passive, which takes the prince, in spite of everything.

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