Beautiful advances: Liam asks Hope to marry him, She will accept this marriage?


Published on Feb 11, 2019


Is really to finish the love story between Liam and Steffy? It would seem so. The spoilers for the episode of the bold and the Beautiful airs tomorrow, February 12, 2019, we reveal that Liam has made his decision. Apparently he has put a point to his history with Steffy decided to turn its page. The rest of the when Hope is back, has always been at her side without ever asking for anything but simply by showing how much we keep him. In a way that Liam is back to appreciate and to satisfy themselves that probably in the past has made bad choices and that instead the Hope is the right person for him. In the meantime, Liam comes to terms with the new reality: as much as she efforts to win back Liam, trying to do everything, he seems to hate her for what happened, even if she is pregnant, and together, they might realize the great dream of their life.

It's going to happen is probably something that She does not expect...Here's what...

After everything that has happened in the last period, Liam begins to think that maybe I should put a definitive point of his history with Steffy, and turn the page. Thinking about what he experienced in the last few weeks we realize that there is a person who was always at his side without asking for anything in return. He understands that Hope is the woman for him is precious and decides not to linger and not to waste time. Must turn the page as soon as possible to resume his life. Steffy has not forgotten Liam but his every attempt at rapprochement fails is the fault of Bill...

Liam then decides to ask Hope to become, again, his wife. Let's imagine that this story will divide the family, as Ridge has never accepted the end of the story between his daughter and Liam...But what will you do Hope? Apparently the girl decided to accept this proposal...

All this and much more in the episode of the bold and the Beautiful aired tomorrow on Channel 5.


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