Baywatch: reboot in vista?


Published on Aug 07, 2018


According to Deadline, the Realm of International will soon begin to present the updated version in HD of Baywatch broadcasters around the world, with the goal of exploring even a reboot.

“The results are phenomenal,” he told Deadline Bob McCourt, COO of Realm of International with regard to the 242 episodes come up again. “When you have the sea and of course the beach, it was a series, so colorful, and the color is clear really when you put it in HD”.

In addition, the series remastered – as well as the film of 2017 with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron – led the production company to explore the possibility of a reboot of the series.

“We thought that the film could give us the reasons for a new TV series, but given the mixed reviews this was not the case accordingly,” said McCourt. “I think that if this remastered version will be sold to many people and a new audience will come to Baywatch, then this will give us a true indication on the fact that a new series is to succeed.”

“Surely you must think seriously to the creation of a new series and perhaps some of the issuers will be contacted to create one,” he continued.

As said McCourt, the film Baywatch 2017, was greeted with a mixed response: while the audience gave a good response, with a revenue of over $ 177 million on a budget of $ 69 million, the response of film criticism has not been equally positive, with various slating, as demonstrated by the score on Rotten Tomatoes.

For now, the replicas in HD Baywatch still don't have a house or a broadcast date, we'll see if they arrive also in Italy.

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