Batwoman: ordered the pilot


Published on Jan 04, 2019


According to what reported by The Hollywood Reporter, The CW has officially ordered the pilot for Batwoman, with the series that is in production by July, the series is overseen by Greg Berlanti for a screenplay by Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries), who will also be executive producer with close to the same Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Geoff Johns.

If you will be ordered a first season, Batwoman will join the other DC series broadcast on The CW: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning. Directing the pilot will be the director of " The Throne of Swords, David Nutter, former director of the pilot of Arrow and The Flash. Nutter is also credited as the executive producer of the series.

Batwoman, played by actress Ruby Rose has already debuted on the small screen taking part in the crossover of the Arrowverse this year, Elseworld. In addition to the iconicity of the character itself, one of the greatest heroes in the universe of Batman, Kate Kane will bring to the small screen with other issues such as homosexuality, already partly explored by The CW with Sara Lance.

“It's more fun to be just Kate because he is a billionaire and has tons of women who love it” has declared earlier Ruby Rose magazine, Entertainment Weekly, “I Think that, at least at the beginning of the crossover, is quite sloppy, has already worn the costume Batwoman before but need to know, and is discovering who he really is. Does not want to take care of the chores of heroin in this moment, has other plans and problems in his life that is trying to solve. These superheroes come in way irruenta in her life and asking for help“.

The producer Marc Guggenheim added: “Kate looks a lot like Bruce in social life that has built, she is dedicated to the worldly life. Ruby is fantastic, brings with it in our universe, a color and a tone that was missing. In the crossover, will have the opportunity to interact with characters that they know and like Kate Kane as Batwoman, we will see widely both sides that make up the character.“ Below, a new picture of Kate:


This is the official description of the character:”Kate is aware of how charismatic and dangerous when he enters a room full of people; whether he prefers to smile, the young Kane is physically and intellectually proud to be a woman, and openly gay. However, Kate still fights with his inner demons, dating back to the complicated relationship with his father and continue the fight to get his respect and trust. In the past aspired to have a brilliant military career and dreams sadly broken when it is expelled from West Point once you exit the closet, and despite this it has not prevented to become a fighter against crime, known by the name of Batwoman. Taking advantage of the fear in the criminals he fights, Kate clashes constantly with the complications of living a double life, both as a town and as a heroine of Gotham, and protect himself with the shield of the costume on crime-fighting, and being rather vulnerable in the situations romantic with other women”.

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