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Published on May 05, 2020


The revival of Batwoman, after the long forced pause linked to the emergency Coronavirus, with the episode of last week – our review HERE – the narrative in the main had moved from Alice, temporarily shelved and assured the justice is not without psychological repercussions for Kate, the double thread linked on the one hand to the corruption within the Crows and the other to the mysterious murder of Lucius Fox.

More Luke, and Batwoman, they started to investigate, and to dig and have found a very close connection between the two crimes at the centre of which there would be a mysterious diary drawn up by the same Lucius.

From here starts the episode this week titled " If You Believe in Me I'll Believe in You. The motive is then the Journal of Lucius Fox, apparently filled with the secrets related to Batman and the Wayne Tech, and the instigator of his murder seems to be Tommy Elliot is now locked up in Arkham with Alice.

Kate and her allies helped at the same time by Julia Pennyworth, entered the Crows, they manage to track down a valuable bit of information: the Journal is in the possession of one of the members of Elliot, Johnny Sabatino. Now it is time to infiltrate his night club and trafugarlo.

Also Alice, however, obtained the same information from Elliot in exchange for the freedom that you get with one of the new faces created by the Mouse by sending then-Magpie to do the dirty work.

Everything seems too easy for Batwoman, which in fact falls victim to a trap by forcing the most unlikely of allies to come to rescue her,... Mary!

When the Diary seems to be finally safe, Kate falls victim to another trap. All, without exception, are on the trail of this Diary either allies or enemies of the Batwoman!

In spite of some passages, taken for granted, and a beginning that takes a few minutes too to focus on the tone of the episode, this If You Believe in Me I'll Believe in You " is another great and solid episode of Batwoman that is proving to be really an unexpected degree of robustness, both at the level of screenplay, development of characters, especially the secondary ones, which lend the often a decisive edge in any of the episodes.

It is the case of this 18th episode, which takes up and reinterprets the stylistic features of the typical heist movie, thanks to a script that uses the Diary as a flywheel, and around it is images of our lady of the characters in situations more or less to their congenial not skimping a couple of twist really hit the spot – see Julia or the return of Reagan.

The episode has, however, also about to return forcefully to the center of the attention Alice is with a new and cunning plan and recover that Thomas Elliot, who already appeared at the beginning of the season had proved to be more a caricature than a true villain, and that here, however, seems ready for the debut version fumettisticamente more accurate.

You add to all this the excellent directing that James Bamford-the backbone of the Arrowverse, which makes the pace and the action scenes are always well choreographed and always turn in a dynamic way his trademark.

Only two episodes from the end, the expectations for the season finale of Batwoman have rightly raised.

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