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Published on May 12, 2020


Batwoman comes from the episode of last week, one of the best of the first season – our review HERE – and there is even a string of episodes initiated after the forced break, caused by a health emergency caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus, which had disrupted the television schedules, that he had in fact started a narrative arc so far, very fruitful and focused on a mysterious Diary written by Lucius Fox because of his murder.

The last week had seen Batwoman finally get their hands on the Diary beating on time the covenant of Alice, the Mouse, and Tommy Elliott – “guardian” of the Diary – but then have it pull from an unexpected ally of the three, the bartender, Reagan, who had seduced Kate and stole the Diary and handed then to her sister and thieving Magpie in turn to Alice.

From here it resumes this week's episode, the penultimate of this Season 1, titled A Secret Kept from All the Rest. The Diary should contain vital information to put offside the Batwoman, and indeed any of the “bat” equipped with technology developed by industry, Wayne, but there is a considerable problem: the Journal is encrypted.

Alice and Tommy Elliot – who has officially made his debut in Gotham as Hush – they decide to kidnap some experts criptlogia hoping to beat the time on the Batwoman, which inevitably is forced to chase after them.

In all of this between Kate and Luke arise of friction. The first does not trust Julia Pennyworth, who seems to be on the trail of the Diary for his own account. As Luke reaches for the face and discovers that Julia is on the payroll of someone mysterious, Hush will come back in action.

Meanwhile, Kate, with a bit of luck, manages to decrypt the Diary, and Batwoman will do anything other than swap the “key” with the hostages. To be completed by an escape of mass from Arkham to lose track of her.

At the end of the incredible hunting Diary Julia will be forced to reveal the identity of his mysterious employer, Batwoman is officially sought from the Crows to the escape of mass from Arkham and Alice has found out how to kill it.

It's really a peculiar trend of A Secret Kept from All the Rest that proves to be a episode solid but lackluster mainly because the first part a bit agitated accelerates in the final minutes in a dizzying way by condensing quite a bit of revelations in a few minutes.

From one side this allows to have a greater cohesion in terms of narrative to the eve of the season finale, in advance, of the next week, but on the other, especially given the time lucky in the series, is to remain with a bitter taste in the mouth for a development that is hasty of certain events and connections between characters, especially the villain.

From this point of view, it is discreet the official debut of a Hush fumettisticamente more accurate but the amount of television certainly deserves greater development and autonomy from Alice, who has literally outclassed any villain introduced during this Season 1.

It will be difficult to have a final “net” next week, most likely a cliffhanger, and for this we must only hope that the springboard for the next season that will be created is at least exciting.

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