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Published on Apr 27, 2020


After over a month of break, as we are now sadly used to emphasize dictated by the health emergency caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus, is returning to screens Batwoman.

We leave the series with an episode that had marked a decisive turning point in the fight between Batwoman and her nemesis Alice – our review HERE – and that was played on the territory of an unlikely alliance between Kate and her sister Beth. This covenant in order to find and release the Mouse, it was later revealed to be an incredible double play of Kate and her father Jacob to ensure both a Mouse to Alice to justice.

In all of this, on Kate weighed again the shot of anger that had brought her to kill Cartwright while Jacob had incaricaro Sophie to investigate on the alleged corruption within the Crows, an investigation that had riportaro in the city, Julia Pennyworth, and was braided with the release of the alleged murderer of Lucius Fox, the release that had lasted but a short time.

From here starts the episode of this week entitled A Narrow Escape. Kate for a week, it did not show in the skies of Gotham as Batwoman, and this obviously favours a certain disorder in the streets where Sophie and Julia continue their investigation.

The situation degenerates when it reappears, after 7 years, the dinamitarda serial Detonator which is sowing panic in the city. Kate will start the investigation before in civilian clothes, and then of necessity it will also return to wearing the uniform of the Batwoman.

The return of the Detenator, the corruption in the Crows and the murder of the alleged murderer of Lucius Fox are connected by a single red thread that is at the head of a mysterious diary.

In Arkham, Mouse, and Alice instead hatched the escape.

Batwoman does not seem to be affected by the pause prolonged and forced and the result is in this A Narrow Escape one of the episodes the most solid of this first season succeeds, in part, also to correct some of the choices daring the past two episodes.

The flywheel around which winds a plot is credible and effective is the villain of the week, Detonator, that leaving out any stroke effect or found in the gothic acts as a great catalyst for a series of plots showing the series to a new narrative in the main linked to the death of Lucius Fox and the connection between Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne.

In short, a series of narrative strands secondary, also related to the supporting characters, are expertly filmed and re-inserted in a broader framework, and definitely intriguing.

The direction is excellent, managing to build up a good rhythm right from the first few minutes without falling into moments of tired too far away from the action or from the moments in which are revealed the important moments of the plot.

A Narrow Escape also manages to make “organic” decision, Kate's on Cartwright, maybe not elegant, pulling in dance a similar decision taken by the Batman in the Arrowverse with the Joker – decision, if necessary, by more in-depth or even better to rectify at the appropriate time – while correcting the shot on some of the secondary characters, while referencing others in the scene as the excellent Julia Pennyworth.

Only drawback, personally, I would have left for the moment, by Alice and the Mouse by closing ideally the narrative.

Without further slippage, Batwoman will return next week for what is going to be the penultimate episode of this first season in front of a cut of 3 episodes than the ones originally planned.

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