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Published on Mar 23, 2020


The episode of the last week of the Batwoman – our review HERE – had beaten a street used profitably at the beginning of the season, showing again some of the remnants of Alice's past, going back to the time of its transformation into reality, that is, when the captive Beth had become, precisely, Alice.

All against the backdrop of the capture of Augustus Cartwright alive but battered while the same Alice and Jacob Kane were put on the trail of the Mouse. The whole thing was soon degenerated: the Mouse was released and wandered the streets of Gotham under the effect of the Gas of the Fear of the Scarecrow, Augustus was able to bring to the exasperation, and Kate in a fit of anger, had him strangled.

Kate had exceeded the only, the true line that the Batman had to place those who had embarked on his own crusade.

With this burden on the shoulders of Kate begins this week's episode entitled, Through the Looking-Glass.

Kate, Alice and Jacob, Kane, are keen to track down the Mouse. Alice wants to reconnect to his half-brother, Kate and Jacob convinces him to justice.

When the shelter Alice is devastated and its people massacred, and the woman asks again for help to the sister and the father and especially the first despite being very reluctant to decide to help her.

Jacob, however, precedes them, and catch the Mouse, bringing it back to Arkham. Everything then turns into an escape, but the alliance between the two sisters is hanging on a thin red line.

Meanwhile, in the city, Jacob instructs Sophie to investigate on the alleged corruption within the Crows, a survey that shows the city Julia Pennyworth and is intertwined with the release of the alleged murderer of Lucius Fox, the release lasts but a short time.

Starting from the imperative of the final last week – a decision that rarely leads to anything good in the literature and prosthetics – this, Through the Looking-Glass " is an episode masterfully solid, both from the point of view of the screenplay of the film.

It is clear that the episode must first adjust the shot than we did last week, and is relying on the umpteenth great performance of acting of Rachel Skarsten in the role of Alice here unlikely ally that drags with him, even Ruby Rose, perhaps never so convincingly out of the costume of Batwoman.

The them, that becomes the narrative in the main, is simple and linear as it is effective, bringing us within a Arkham never be so “realistic”.

In the meantime, however, the screenplay begins to lay the groundwork to make a narrative secondary – the corruption of the Crows – as the main suggesting also that Alice has not acted alone all this time, what already suggested in at least a couple more episodes.

Moving then in a decisive manner the emphasis from the more classical introspection of the heroine – stilema abundantly abused also and especially in the Arrowverse – towards an increased interweaving of the plot that makes the vision certainly the most eye-catching and engaging.

Through the Looking-Glass is in fact one of the episodes more solid this season, and that reminds us, starting from a risky choice made in the previous episode, like this, Batwoman is still the first season with all the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

Also Batwoman stops and stops its production. The return for the moment it is still to date is the fact that this is the 16th episode might also be a worthy season finale.

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