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Published on Mar 16, 2020


In the episode of the last week of the Batwoman – our review HERE – Alice had made in dramatic fashion to be over again in the grip of his ex-jailer, or Augustus Cartwright.

The man, who had fired the shots killing her Beth – the doppelganger consequence of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, had been captured by the same Alice, in search of his brother-in-Mouse to be imprisoned and under the effect of the gas of the fear of the Scarecrow.

The whole was underpinned by Duela Dent, a girl disfigured that he had started to hit the influencers of Gotham, and linked dramatically to one of the identity secret of Cartwright.

In Off with Her Head, this week's episode, Mary and Luke are on the trail of the killer of Beth while Batwoman receives a surprise gift just from Alice: Augustus Cartwright alive but battered and bundled on the roof of a skyscraper.

The card that accompanies it is a reference to a mysterious “mother”. And, in fact, Alice is a victim of that that is yet another trap well thought out by Augustus: we do so a dip in the past, during the captivity of Alice to get to know it by learning, thanks to the toxin of Dr. Crane, the real origin of the trauma that has turned Beth into Alice.

In the present, while Jacob free Alice, the same Augustus is far from the intention of being captured alive and is ready to everything, even to cause Kate to overtake the fateful line imposed by the wearing of the symbol of the bat.

Off with Her Head, throws us again into the past of Beth, in her captivity and in her transformation into Alice. The episode then borrows heavily from the imagery of the gothic, which is from the film burtoniane up to the seminal animated series through the solutions seen in the trilogy videogame Arkham – if not for the presence of “spiritual” of the Scarecrow.

The episode is tense, well-paced, and kissed by a director that is able to measure times and breaks between the present, the scenes in analessi and “hallucinations” of Alice garrow.

If you put the center of attention Alice – definitely the better character of the first season of the series – is almost a sure shot for showrunner and screenwriter careful not to overload too much the character: it's good to explore the origins but be careful not to make them overly complex and intertwined.

The episode I will go into the final with the protagonist Kate. In fact, if the voltage established with Augustus holds very well, giving in the end the protagonist appears abruptly on the land a bit discounted, and above all stale in which the shadow of styles more soapoperistici of the Arrowverse return to be heavily concrete.

Off with Her Head continue the positive moment of the series that has been able to take advantage of the inertia of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, and now, in the wake, is re-reading organically some of the elements introduced in the first part of the season. With some pawns, however, moves in a decisive manner on the board the risk is to go round in circles not moving in fact, before the main at this moment is far from defined.

As we know, the production of the First Season of the Batwoman is stopped to prevent the possibility of infection by Coronavirus, and in theory we still have two episodes before the break, we'll see if The CW decides to send them still on the air.

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