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Published on Mar 09, 2020


The first stop of two weeks, the Batwoman was able to capitalize to the maximum the consequences of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, with an episode that had represented the climax – our review HERE – the confrontation between Beth and Alice, the two “personality” of the sister of Kate that had been split in two, thanks to the ever useful ploy of parallel realities.

Comparing a villain from the tone of the vampireschi, Batwoman had been dealing on one side with a Gotham City believes to be rid for ever of Alice and a Alice even more aggressive in wanting to help his sister, take revenge on the father and now finding the one who had attempt on his life, affecting his doppelganger and that we know to be Augustus Cartwright, his jailer's girl.

In all of this with Jacob Kane completely exonerated, Sophie had lost his job in the Crows guilty of being in league with Batwoman and had a very, very close.

From this undeniable tension resumes this week's episode titled Grinning From Ear-to-Ear.

Kate does not know how to manage the new dynamic with Sophie, but in Gotham there is always little time to think: the influencers of the city, are brutally attacked and disfigured.

Kate, in the role of Batwoman, he asks his half-sister, Mary, who directs from one of the most well known plastic surgeons of the city, the same under whose guise hides Augustus.

While Batwoman tracks down the possible head – Duela Dent – Alice has started his personal investigation, understanding of be over again in the grip of Augustus, which held, among other things, still a prisoner Mouse.

While Batwoman and Sophie as they team up to capture Duela, Alice will use it to get right to the next.

Grinning From Ear-to-Ear is determined in the footsteps of the last great episodes before the break for giving way in some step the most obvious and least successful.

Is given to the act to the showrunner and writers have strung together a series of “villain of the week” really is effective on re-reading in almost personal, and never taken for granted not only some obvious references his works, but also some of the suggestions coming from the imaginary media batman.

Here it is, the insipid villain comics Duela Dent aka the Joker's Daughter works as a pivot for an episode from the tone of the gothici, sexy appeal in a useful way, but never excessive and the Batman burtoniano.

Excellent is also the interweaving of the plot that shows the first floor also Alice with yet another reminder of batman at the end of the episode.

Where limping this Grinning From Ear-to-Ear is not so much in the strong drama that is a bit of a thread as in the end discounted on the coming out of Sophie with solutions that are trivial which lead to a loss of stain to one of the main themes of the series.

After a first part of the season that rightly moved trying to find the proverbial squaring of the circle, Batwoman is really giving the best of himself in this second part, moving safe in those styles classic http TheCW/Arrowverse but still managed to maintain, at least for the moment, a certain well-defined identity.

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