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Published on Feb 24, 2020


Even with a marginal role, the Batwoman was able to better and in an original way the consequences of the crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In particular, the series had packed a dramatic plot twist by compare Alice and Beth: on the duality of the sister Kate had been separated thanks to the ever useful ploy of the doppelganger.

Everything had culminated in a dramatic episode last week – our review HERE – which had raised the stakes by confirming the presence of the two “duplicates” in the same universe were lethal. Kate, with the help of Mary, had managed to get a cure to be administered by choosing Beth, but sitting at the bedside of Alice.

The plan, however, was sensationally collapsed due to the intervention of Augustus Cartwright, the shifty gaoler of Alice from the little girl, who was shot to death Beth doing “resurrect” Alice was actually the real target of his revenge.

By Kate shock, as his allies, and from the search of the mysterious – at least for them – assassin, starts this week's episode titled Drink Me.

The tabloids of Gotham are crazy for a mysterious vampire who terrorizes the nightlife of the city. On the advice of Luke, Kate begins to investigate having a first encounter with the mysterious Nocturna.

While the connotations of the mystics of the Night are becoming less and less concrete, Alice bursts onto the scene in search of the Mouse coming captured right from the vampire. To get rid will be forced to disclose valuable information leading to the capture of Mary.

While Luke and Kate track down the identity of Nocturna, Batwoman will intervene on the spot, saving the half-sister thanks to the unexpected help of Alice!

Meanwhile, Jacob Kane, who was acquitted of all charges, he resumes his personal hunting Batwoman starting to suspect that Sophie will work with the vigilante.

Gothic, sexy and cartoony... Drink Me is a great episode to mark the halfway point of this first season, keeping alive the narrative strands the main, but allowing some variation on the theme thanks to the formula of “villain of the week”.

Good in this sense, the idea of the showrunner and writer of unearthing and re-read the villain batmaniana Night – his first appearance back in Batman #363 sept 1983 – which in its simplicity manages to make effective the focus on the aspect of a distinctly romantic part of the episode, see the relationship between Kate and Sophie, while with a dramatic flick of the tail, broke down the certainties of the Batwoman on his nemesis Alice.

Impossible not to notice then the wink to the Batman of Tim Burton with the confrontation in a bell tower, which represents the climax of an episode, really well done, which suffers only, perhaps, a direction that is a bit anxious of having to rigidly divide with the time well marked the various narrative strands rather than leaving it to naturally cast off.

Side note: the series seems to have found his true antagonist in Augustus Cartwright, leaving it to Alice, and a different role for one of the best characters we have seen so far.

Batwoman is a discrete-time form between the insights of the narrative, references to his works on-time, and a good development of the characters, “the originals” the series seems to have found the right balance in a formula that must always look with an eye to the social issues that animate it, but without giving up the intention to entertain.

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