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Published on Dec 10, 2019


The war between Alice and Batwoman, and then reflected between Kate and her sister, Beth, is definitely triggered in the episode last week – our review HERE – in which the villain he had first made to infiltrate the half-brother Mouse inside the CROWS in the role of father Jacob, putting in motion a plan, wickedly complex, but effective.

Luring her prey into a trap is well thought out, in fact, had hit the indirectly of the father hitting to death his wife Catherine with Batwoman that helpless, he could not do anything other than be a witness of dramatic events.

The war to face the open air between the two, however, have to stop and Gotham will have to do without for a little bit of his new patron recruited by Harbinger in the ranks of heroes who have to face the imminent Crisis as seen in the first part of the event crossover, the episode nine of the fifth season of Supergirl – our review HERE.

The Crisis has now swept away the Earth-38, the home of Supergirl, whose inhabitants have been evacuated thanks to a joint effort cost the lives of even Green Arrow!

With Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two the death of the hero confirms the failure of the Monitor is then forced to show his cards: he has not only recovered the Book of Destiny – remember the crossover last year's Elseworlds? – but confesses to having met the heroes not at random, but to gather the seven Paragon, the heroes/avatars that are capable of dealing with the Crisis.

While My, Barry, John Constantine and Sarah try to revive Oliver, thanks to a Pit of Lazarus, Kara, and Kate travel to a Land-99 trying to recruit Batman to the dark world.

Lois, Clark, and Iris travel to the Earth in the Earth chasing Lex Luthor, who, after having stolen the Book of Destiny, is killing one after the other all the Superman. Only one of the Ground-96 resists stoically to the attack of the Lex helped, however, by our.

The team seems to be complete but Harbiger is summoned from the hand behind all of this destruction... the Antimonitor!

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two is an episode very compressed and plot heavy, with several narrative strands that intersect in a manner not always effective and “saved” by a bunch of cameos and easter-egg for the joy of the fans in DC of all ages.

There is just to say that for tone, especially in the first part of the episode that Batwoman seems to be DC's Legends of Tomorrow because of the tone maybe a bit too unconventional, difficult to find the proverbial squaring of the circle or the battle between the Superman – spectacular, but too short! – in which Brandon Routh (re)views very well the role of the Man of Steel, this time with an air of confident and fascinating.

There are also excellent cameos of Kevin Conroy, the legendary voice of Batman, and Tom Welling.

The pieces of this puzzle at the end of the episode, and not without difficulty, fit together however the one that should come out more strengthened or Batwoman is almost obscured by the many secondary characters, and a plot is not always clear.

In the final episode and then legitimate the role of the heroes gathered by the Monitor, with a few interesting starting point for when the series will return to their respective rides solo, introducing, officially, but also the antagonist.

The merit of Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two is also to try to convey that sense of “ecumenicity” of the Multiverse, something that can look good on paper, but difficult to reproduce in television, especially with a space so reduced.

Account margin: it makes you smile, like even in this episode to inspire the heroes is a speech of Kara that, for television requirements, that becomes a task that traditionally would be supported by its more illustrious cousin.

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