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Published on Dec 02, 2019


Also for Batwoman, the latest addition to the Arrowverse, this week's episode is the eve of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths that will kick off next week, and of which, however, concretely, we had not had any hints in the previous episodes.

In the episode last week – our review HERE – Kate had helped Julia Pennyworth to track down a dangerous mercenary who was killing the scientists, all names involved in the creation of the famous weapon able to pierce the bat-suit.

Of course, there was Alice behind the murders but also another mysterious customer. However, the villain had pursued sagacemente its purpose, and while Kate had managed to remove suspicions about his double identity his own Alice had kidnapped his father Jacob with the help of his half-brother Mouse.

With Mouse infiltrated Gotham again, in fact, this week's episode, entitled A Mad Tea-Party.

Kate fails to understand the sudden change of attitude of the father against Catherine after the confessions about Beth/Alice. While managing to track down his sister and discovering that the weapon was used without one of its components to death, Kate begins to suspect that there is really something wrong with the father to convince himself that that is not actually his father.

The plan Alice then begins to take shape in a wickedly concrete: revenge of Catherine. The occasion was a charity gala, and the punishment will be tough...

Batwoman unfortunately will not be able to arrive on time and not only Alice is not happy about Catherine, but also thanks to a plan of careful also of the father. In Alice, then, there seems to be no trace of Beth and Kate have understood it in the manner most brutal.

A Mad Tea-Party is not an episode perfect for a first excessively cumbersome using maybe some solution already used in previous episodes and not being able never to have a rhythm really engaging, and convincing.

Yet, ideally, the episode manages to pull a clean line for the narrative thread of this first part of the first season in a unexpectedly practical, especially thanks to the great trial of Rachel Skarsten in the role of the villain, Alice, is kissed by a screenplay that, despite how much whooping, exalts his plan.

It is out of tune at times the tone of the drama, which cannot be always incisive as well as romance entered almost forcibly at the end of the episode.

There is no trace of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the series will be inserted organically in the event of the crossover remains for the moment a mystery, counting that, however, it will be the second chapter it is likely that the series will be touched only by the events returning to his plots and thus as a passing episode and set-up.

The light then stop “forced”, it is possible to do the first report on Batwoman that, while not always precise and punctual is finding its own way, and the tone personal. We certainly cannot speak of a series that is not affected by the stiel The CW, but it is appreciated at least the attempt to search for solutions that are less standardised, with all the difficulties of the case.

We'll see if the good ideas will be made to work.

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