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Published on Nov 18, 2019


In the episode of the last week of the Batwoman – our review HERE – the appearance in Gotham of the brutal Executioner had done come to the surface, a ride of corruption involving the police department, the judges and the district attorney, but had also led to the implosion of the family Kane.

Jacob was in fact finally convinced, after yet another attack perpetrated against her, that Alice is actually the daughter, Beth, raised by a crazy maniac and still do not know the identity. The wife, Catherine, had I confess to having manipulated the tests by making him believe his daughter was actually dead.

This is sort of a red thread of family that carries on the narration of the episode this week titled Tell Me the Truth.

Kate has a big problem: too many people know that it is Batwoman. Knows Alice and the deduced also Sophie and now she also knows a mysterious agent by the name... Julia Pennyworth that is, the daughter of Alfred!

Julia is in the city on the trail of a mercenary who has already made two victims in Gotham. These are two scientists who have both worked on the famous weapon able to pierce the bat-suit, which as we know is in the hand of Alice, but she is really the principal or working for someone else?

While Kate tries to convince Sophie not to reveal his secret identity to decide although reluctant to join forces with Julia to give chase to the mysterious mercenary. Will be thanks to Julia, Kate and will take away the suspicions about his double identity.

Alice continues her machinations with an unexpected double-game, and with the help of his half-brother Mouse.

Tell Me the Truth there is, perhaps, all the best and all the “worse” – that is the one that needs some adjustment – this first part of the season.

On the one hand there is this narrative of the weapon able to pierce the bat-suit, which, apparently insignificant in previous episodes, is taking on the contours of the real and the concrete thread of the story by making a connection also with the excellent villain Alice is capable of some excellent plot twist that make it all less linear and predictable.

You always play on the stylistic features so dear to the superhero genre – in particular in this episode, the secret identity – bending them of course that is a bit the soul inclusive of the series and of the character and it is perhaps here that Batwoman needs to improve on giving more organic unity to the whole, without the typical performance anxiety when you deal with issues that LGBT.

On the other side and then there is this component to drama a bit exaggerated – they are still sequences in analessi of the abandonment of the academy by Kate and the consequent breaking up with Sophie – which dampens the pace of an episode that was otherwise really engaging.

Ultimately, therefore, nothing new if we consider only the aspects supereroistici but currently, except maybe Arrow, Batwoman is the only series Arrowverse to have in mind this aspect which is deliberately relegated to the background. Then there are other issues to engage ben will be hoping that they become more and more integral parts of the plots and not simple appendices.

Even in the midst of ups and downs, Batwoman is taking shape.

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