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Published on Nov 11, 2019


Last week, Batwoman has recorded perhaps its best episode to date – our review HERE – revisiting the origins of the villain Alice, his transformation from Beth in Alice, relying on the excellent dichotomy with Kate/Batwoman.

This is so far, without doubt, the narrative is more profitable for the series, so much so that with the episode of last week, showrunner, and writers had begun to innestarvi within narrative strands are secondary and are more closely related to the component of the drama and romance of the series.

Ultimately, however, the episode had resulted in some upheavals: Jacob had surrendered to the idea that her daughter was alive Beth and she turned into Alice, the suspicions of Sophie on the identity of Batwoman had strengthened while the same Alice had recovered an important ally in the Mouse.

From here starts the episode this week titled " I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury.

Gotham appears a new brutal vigilante dressed as an executioner and immediately renamed the Executioner. The city is immediately directed to the Batwoman attracting the wrath of Jacob Kane, Kate then wore the costume starts his investigation.

Alice is not of course to look at and taking advantage of the confusion generated by the Executioner, and with the help of the Mouse, manages to steal the experimental weapon – seen in the episode with the protagonist Tommy Elliot – able to pierce the bat-suit.

While Batwoman recovers some important clues on the identity of the Executioner and its motivations that scoperchiano a conspiracy at several levels of the administration of justice of Gotham, Jacob will try to tighten the grip around the heroine is destined, however, to change my mind.

The comparison between Batwoman and Jacob will inevitably lead you to the one between Kate and Jacob are always at the centre, the fate of Beth.

The approach of " I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury is definitely a more traditional compared to the episode last week, showing some of the step redundant, which is inevitable, and true trademark of the series DC/TheCW, but also the personality that was missing in the first few episodes and that is starting slowly to emerge by outlining a true style of the series.

The villan of the week for slender compensates with a certain brutality which makes a lot of B-movie making an episode that relies very well on the side of the detective heroin, an aspect that is too often “forgotten”.

Do not miss out the action, simple but effective with at least a couple of sequences important, while what seemed to be a simple narrative – the “super-gun” – is recovered and made it organic keeping alive the narrative of Alice put on the sidelines, but fortunately not abandoned.

Unfortunately to weigh down the episode there is the component of the drama, too exaggerated in the final, and romantic, with the relationship between Beth and Sophie, who, concealed, proceeds with a certain amount of suffering passive-aggressive without actually adding anything relevant.

Smoothing is still some indecision in the series may finally find the right quadrature of the circle, detaching himself from certain stylistic features that, frankly, belong to a generation of television is a bit outdated.

On the horizon there is always the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths: it will be interesting to see what will be the role of Batwoman is if and how they will be affected the plots in the remaining episodes of the season.

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