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Published on Nov 04, 2019


The episode of the last week of the Batwoman – our review HERE – had drawn a firm line in the development of the narrative strands of the still-young series, the latest addition to the Arrowverse.

From one side we witnessed the definitive ascent of Kate as Batwoman. The girl, in fact, had embraced definitively the role of vigilante instead of a cousin to Bruce Wayne much to change the bat-costume with a distinct personality and a touch of fiery red.

On the other, the grip around the mystery of the criminal, Alice, and the possibility that it is actually Beth, the sister of Kate presumed dead years before, it was tight. Batwoman had recovered a valuable clue, with the help of her half-sister Mary, by his prisoner – ex-agent Dodgson boyfriend of Alice – which is the name the Mouse. While Catherine had confessed to Jacob Kane that the death of Beth had been shelved years ago by herself.

From here starts this fifth episode of the first season titled Mine Is a Long Sad Tale.

Batwoman manages to capture Alice, while doing a series of thefts in the morgues of Gotham and the surrounding area. Is the moment of truth and confrontation between the two “sisters”, Kate still leaves a trace the father in case of an emergency.

So begins the story in analessi of Alice, as Beth has awoken in a remote country house and has been raised by a mysterious man and his son, Mouse.

Alice proves, however, to be once again a step ahead by tricking the first Kate and then drawing the father into a trap and almost fatal.

While not original, the approach of Mine Is to Long, to Sad This is really interesting, especially for a series in the Arrowverse.

The episode focuses albeit not direct-to-tell the origins of the villain Alice in a way that is almost a mirror image of what has been done in the last week with Kate, who became officially the Batwoman.

The story of Alice is morbid and grotesque as his character as the interpretation in the crescendo of a great Rachel Skarsten intent to create a character very burtoniano but with a modern cut and threatening.

If from the point of view of the progression of the main plots there is very little, if not perhaps the fact that Jacob Kane agree that Alice is the daughter, Beth, the series shows once again how the best moments are the ones where the heroine and her antagonist are confronted not only thanks to the simple construction but effective of the two characters but also because of the excellent chemistry between the two actresses.

Good also directed, finally above average, overcoming the homework, that keeps a decent pace and opens the episode with a scene of action truly excellent.

After five episodes, it is legitimate to then ask as showrunner and writers can mediate good with some instances, redundant, or too stereotypical, typical of the show, DC/The CW.

This is the goal that should be set also bearing in mind that, once in November, incumbent in the event the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it is therefore likely that, until then, we will not see a significant acceleration of the plots.

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