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Published on Oct 07, 2019


Inclusion and diversity are two of the key words that in recent years they have taken, rightly, becoming more and more popular in all types of narrative, including comics and television.

DC has anticipated to some extent this need several years ago by launching the regular series comics Batwoman, superheroine, openly gay, gathering critical and public acclaim without either, but neither cloying nor patched to look for easy approval.

Now Batwoman comes on TV and joins the Arrowverse with this new series that collects ideally to the legacy of the Arrow – the flagship series, which will end its run this year with the eighth and final season – as a series of “urban” compared to most sci-fi of the package.

We met Batwoman last year in the crossover Elseworlds that had brought us in a Gotham decadent in which Batman/Bruce Wayne had left his role of protector.

Batman has disappeared from Gotham for the past 3 years. The city has held a place of safety from the Crows Security, the company founded by the Commanded Jacob Kane. When, during a rare public events, the agent Sophie Moore is kidnapped, Kate Kane is called Gotham.

We find that between Sophie and Kate, there was a relationship during the academy years, and that Kate was esplusa while Sophie had withdrawn on the report. This, however, does not seem to stop Kate in the search nor the lack of co-operation of the father that seems to not want to be mixed in the affairs of the Crows.

When Kate discovers the possible hiding place of the kidnappers will come face to face with the mysterious Alice, leaving the battered but unharmed. Not relying, then, on the help of the father, Kate thinks to turn to his cousin Bruce Wayne, he mysteriously disappeared... looking around in an abandoned Wayne Tower, Kate will make an incredible discovery, finding, however, is also the way to get in on the action in a way that is as spectacular as it is effective.

The discovery of the possible identity of Alice, however, will equally shock.

As it already happened almost 10 years ago, this Pilot of the Batwoman has an aftertaste that reminds of Batman Begins, the seminal film of Nolan who seems to not want to deplete his influence with regard to the origin story of urban heroes.

If you were to sum up in a few adjectives in this first episodes you could do with the essential and direct however, not all of the elements fit together perfectly, and in more of a predicament, the episode is a bit redundant, wanting to immediately play for those elements related to diversity and inclusion mentioned in the opening.

Showrunner and the writers, while crafting an episode, “autonconclusivo, do not give up immediately to lay the foundations for future developments of the plots the horizontal to a certain extent discounted, but solid.

In spite of a screenplay and then not brilliant, is good evidence of Ruby Rose, who is convincing in the role of a “out of place” Kate Kane, but just as “tough” in the action scenes that are credible and effective.

As all of the series in the Arrowverse, even Batwoman suffers a bit when it comes to special effects, and for some solution too hasty, however, these defects venial attributable as always to the budget.

The beginning of the Batwoman is not crackling preferring instead to an approach already tried and tested, we'll see if in the next week the series will already show a greater personality.

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