Battle Bay, overlooking the seas in a multiplayer battles!


Published on May 04, 2017


Rovio brings on the App Store the game Battle Bay, in which the users will have to face with real opponents to dominate the seas in a team-based battles in real-time.

In Battle Bay, you will find a arena real where to host multiplayer battles in real time. The player should choose a ship, loading of weapons, and riding the waves with their team-mates real, in order to annihilate the opponents in the challenges of PvP five against five. Just join a fleet of sailors the allies to start the challenge and fight against other real players. The challenges last for a few minutes and are perfect to play even in small moments of pause.

The player will have to choose between 5 ships, each with its own specialties: the Enforcer has a charge of offensive powerful, the Defender is a tank, the float virtually indestructible, the Shooter is able to carry more weapons, how many ever you'll need, the Speeder has as strong points the acceleration and agility, while the Fixer always keeps to the surface of your teammates. The player will be able to level up ships to get more health, defense, speed, and firepower. There are also additional weapons such as cannons, torpedoes, and grenades: the player will have to choose between an arsenal of objects for attack or defence that are adapted to your fighting style.

Also important is the strategic part: you can attack your enemies with a massive assault by offensive or play defense and win the point. With the various classes of ships to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and with a load of weapons, armor, objects, and advantages, you have a wide margin of action to put in place a series of strategies of combat.

If you have companions to battle the usual, you can also create a guild, who will participate in the online leaderboards. Then there are the quests to earn gold and sugar, along with the marathon missions to get the chance to earn loot rare. The objectives, such as the destruction of an enemy ship with fire, you'll earn beads that can be exchanged for any article. Battle Bay offers a subscription service that VIP provides to VIP members several advantages, weekly, or monthly:

The VIP subscription is available per week or per month at a price of $ 4,99/week or $ 9.99/month.

Battle Bay is available for free on the App Store.

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