#batterygate, what do you think? – iPhoneItalia Podcast LIVE #177


Published on Dec 24, 2017


Not to mention to subside the controversy about the events of downclocking that relate to the iPhone 6, 6s, SE, and the iPhone 7. In this podcast we will try to shed light on many disputed points that have given rise to many doubts on the subject. We'll do it together YOU, through the interventions of many of the listeners of the historical podcasts. But not only...

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Call it #batterygate, #downclockgate or as best for you but in the home, Apple continues to hold the counter to the question of the “old” iPhone downcloccati heavily. Apple has explained the phenomenon, but to many, the explanation is not convinced. Is there anyone who invokes a clumsy attempt of planned obsolescence, those who think that the whole is only the result of a failure to recall the batteries and there are those who, like us, has a different idea.

We will try to address the issue in a manner more analytical than you can, and do it with YOU. In the Podcast have occurred that, in fact, some listeners by now historians of the podcast you have shared with us their views and opinions.

But there is only space for the controversy: comment on an indiscretion of the last hour that you could change the Mac App Store as we know it, and some inevitable chatter that, we will do this together.

Today, as never before... let us know yours also, those topics are inviting and deserve the absolute debate!

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Thanks for following us! We will return punctual as usual, on the 7th of January! Happy holidays and try not to eat too 🙂 !!!

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