Batman: Tom King kills a famous villain


Published on Nov 08, 2019


Tom King continues the final arc of his run of Batman, “City of Bane“, a chapter that has left fans with a cliffhanger rather shocking.


Batman #82 continues on the groove of the previous number, while Batman and Bane show up and free themselves of all their usual goodies to compete inside of Arkham. Well, in that fight he also works for someone, with fatal results!

The fight between Batman and Bane is as hard as you can expect. Catwoman is the only witness, even if Bruce Wayne tells Bane that this is not “his (her) city. Not his fight. No help”.

The two begin to fight, but Batman has learned an important lesson: it must no longer do things alone, and the assumption of his enemies, that is an angry loner is a misconception that Batman can exploit – and it does.

It turns out that Batman was lying totally on to face Bane alone: Catwoman is there to be her teammate!

However, even with the combined efforts of Batman and Catwoman – not to mention some dirty fighting tactics – Bane is still a formidable opponent, and Catwoman ends up seriously injured when Bane of the slams against a wall.

Bruce retaliates by breaking repeatedly the face of Bane on the floor until the villain is not that a lot bloody meat grazing – but Batman does not stop here. As a punishment for the reign of terror of Bane, Batman decides that it's time to break the back of Bane to stop the bad for always.

However, just as Bruce raises Bane in a perfect reverse of the iconic scene of the ’90s, Thomas Wayne arrives at Arkham and shoots at Bruce right in the abdomen. The elder Batman does not lose time, and also shoots at Bane in the head, apparently killing him.

Then Bane is dead? Too early to tell...

Batman #82 is on sale now.

Batman: Tom King kills a famous villain is




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